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Spending a day surrounded by animals and nature is wonderful to relax and unwind. Zoos and wildlife parks are great locations for many occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, and team bonding.

Generally, zoos are quite close to urban areas and have good transport links, making them an ideal activity for a day in the city. Wildlife or safaris parks are often in the countryside with more space for both customers and animals, a great full day experience.

Watch zookeepers feed and look after their animals, from big cats such as lions, tigers, and cheetahs, to monkeys swinging in their cages. You may see some of Africa’s finest inhabitants including elephants and giraffes, Asian rhinos, and Australia’s amazing kangaroos. Leave time to visit the reptile house, aviary, and the aquarium before it is time to go home.

Some of the great zoos include ZSL London Zoo, Singapore Zoo, Beijing Zoo, and the famous San Diego Zoo in California.

Evendo has a range of entrance tickets for many zoos and wildlife parks around the world.

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