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5 Nov 2021

We took a private tour with great ocean road explorer. Guide was good (so sorry I forgot name). We saw many things in the 12 hours. Many animals, such as koala and kangaroo. Beautiful sights. Especially 12 apostles. Beautiful. We ran on the beach. Ate the local foods. Very fun time.

14 Aug 2021

It was a very well executed tour. Guide was very knowledgeable and friendly. Car was better than we were expecting. And the road is incredible. However I would have to rate at 3 stars as it was very annoying having to wear masks for the whole time in the vehicle (due to covid). I understand there is a pandemic on, but surely on a private tour this wasn’t necessary? The guide said it was the legal requirement, but to be honest, I think we had paid enough for the tour, to warrant deciding on whether we should have to wear them or not. I just think we need to move on with life and get back to normal. End of rant!

10 Jan 2020

Booked this private tour through our hotel concierge. He billed it as being a bit cheaper and more relaxed than other private tour operators in a non-branded car (I.e. not a flash Mercedes). But the car was extremely comfortable - I can’t imagine a Mercedes being any better, except for the image of people wanting other people to be see them stepping out of a Mercedes possibly. Yes those people really do exist! Instagram idiots I like to call them!! The car also had WiFi connectivity which was useful as my wife had to do some work on the road. It also had separate air controls which was handy as we were visiting during a very hot day. And our guide, well I’m not sure if anyone would have known the road any better to be honest given that he was a local.

7 Oct 2019

We had travelled across multiple time zones to reach this destination. The Great Ocean Road was at the top of our list, so we wanted to get it right. We used this company based on a friends recommendation. Our guide Jamie, was a local, but also super professional, friendly and very knowledge of the area. In early stages of planning, we had initially thought of doing the drive ourselves, so I’m so glad my friend interrupted our plans when he did. There is absolutely no way we can have replicated the tour that we received. It was just incredible. Big thanks from the Bustos family (travelled 7/10/19)

21 Aug 2019

We had heard the great ocean road should be done over 2 days, but to put it simply, we didn’t have the time. With this private tour however, it went for slightly longer than some of the other (bus) tours and it felt like we really maximised our time at each stop. We are both quick at seeing what we want to see, and then moving onto the next sight. So this worked well, as our driver was always there ready to show us the next place. It also helped that we didn’t have to wait for 50 people to get on and off a bus at each stop. I can imagine that would become tiresome. As it was just my husband and I, we were out of the vehicle at the each sight within seconds of our arrival. Some stops we were only there for a matter of minutes, some stops a bit longer. Overall, if you can, I’d go for the 2 day option, but if you are really pushed for time, at least be safe in the knowledge that yes it is technically possible to get around and see everything in just the one day. Just expect to be very tired by the end, as it is a very long day.

10 Mar 2019

We found Great Ocean Road Explorer to be a great option to choose. Vehicle was clean and comfy. Our guide Jamie was down to earth and very friendly. He knew the road very well so we always felt safe and secure. There were some amazing stops along the way. As the previous reviewer mentioned, it is a very long day. I will touch on that now...... Yes, the 1 day tour is very long. You are really stuck in the car for about 9 hours over the entity of the day, although the tour is broken up so you do get out quite often to visit the attractions along the road. And Jamie was very flexible on the stops, so rest room and snack breaks is no issue. It comes down to timing. If you have the time, then I’d recommend doing a 2 day tour. Jamie tries to suggest that to all his guests, but he said the majority of tourists visiting Melbourne, simply don’t allow enough time, and thus only left with time to do a one day tour. And the great ocean road is not really a place you can miss. Most of the tours I imagine would follow a similar tour pattern. I mean, there is only one direction to go right?! But Jamie seemed to plan it so we missed the big buses and visited one or two other places which weren’t on our tourist map, had no sighnposts and to be honest, I think most people would have no idea are even in existence. So all in all, great tour, great company to tour with, BUT.....if you have time, choose the two day tour and do yourself a favour!

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