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15 Oct 2021

We choose a Phillip Island One Day Tour as we didn’t think we needed two days there. And I feel we choose well. We were lucky to be sitting outside melbournes strict lockdown zone when we went, so the island, and the Penguin Parade in particular was very quiet. I have been once before, many years ago, right in the peak of school holidays and it pandemonium! Due to that bad memory we had been avoiding the island, but now we view it in a completely different light - partly due to the lack of tourists around, but largely due to the excellent tour Posh Penguins put on for us. This was a taster of what travel will be like for us going forward, now that we have hit retirement. We cannot wait to get out there and explore Australia and eventually internationally!

8 Oct 2021

We took a 1 day tour with Posh Penguins to Phillip Island. Very enjoyable indeed. Booking process was easy. It was a nice mix of island sights and activities. I particularly enjoyed watching the different farming activities on Churchill island, including the sheep dog demonstration, sheep shearing and we even got a chance to crack a whip! The journey down from Melbourne is about 90 minutes. We were staying at a friends house in eastern Melbourne so we pre-organised to get a direct doorstep pick up. This worked perfectly and meant we didn’t have to go all the way back into the city in the morning to get picked up. Nice shiny car and guide/driver who knew the roads and the island well.

17 Aug 2021

I will probably have to write a few wrongs right from a previous poster by the name of VB, before I give my review of the actual tour. This previous poster claims the Penguin Parade is ‘exploitation’. This is complete and utter rubbish. The time we spent chatting with the staff at the Penguin parade was so overwhelming positive. They truly care about the welfare of the Penguins. They are very conservation driven. Nothing else. I don’t know if that reviewer literally went into the Penguin parade with his eyes closed….I don’t know? Yes, the Penguin parade cafe is over priced, yes the gift shop is a rip off…..but hello….it’s a tourist venue…..and this is all to draw as much money in as possible to pay for all this conservation effort. Nothing is free in this world. If I was in charge of Posh Penguins, I would just have deleted that persons garbage review and not given him (or her, who knows) the time of day. Ok rant over. I will now begin my review of the actual tour itself. We choose a private tour vrs hiring a car and driving ourselves. We wanted an expert guide who knew the island. And that’s exactly what we got in Sally. She was a brilliant ambassador, not only for the island, but also the wildlife and the overall conservation effort that mr Vb for some reason managed to completely miss. It was a very relaxing day. Well organised. We took the extended option (14 hour tour option instead of the 12 hour tour option) after Initial discussions with James via email, and we are glad we took his advice. He also persuaded us to upgrade the Penguin Parade ticket type, which again, totally worth its weigh in gold. All these discussions were well filtered through to our guide Sally, So much so that she even knew that my wife was a strict pescatarian and had made arrangements around this. Kudos for that. Most other private tours we have been on have failed at that hurdle, despite making that information public prior to booking. We were initially tossing up between this tour and another private tour provider. To be honest, the other company seemed more refined. They had a Mercedes and the overall feeling was a bit more professional, but it was also double the price of Posh Penguins. So we took a gamble. And it paid off. Sure we didn’t get the Mercedes. But We did get an incredibly comfy people mover though - just without a pretentious logo. And our guide was very down to earth and friendly. You could tell she was from the island, because her mind hasn’t been warped by the big city like many of us - come on, we are all guilty of this. She really knew the road and the local region. We seemed to always end up away from everyone else, just surrounded by the most beautiful countryside and wild animals. Yes we did do some of the tick box stuff as well, like the koala conservation centre and Churchill island, but what was good about that, was Sally was totally flexible as to how long we spent at each location. If we hated it, we could just says ‘can we move on please’ and if we were having fun we could just ‘can we stay a bit longer’. That really put us at ease and I don’t think I even looked at my phone to see the time the entire day. It was that relaxed. In fact, come to think of it, apart from taking a photo, I don’t think I looked at my phone once. I actually can’t remember the last time that even happened. It is one of my bad traits and I didn’t even realise this until the next day, when I asked my wife what the best bit of the tour was. She answered ‘the fact you were totally engrossed in the tour that you didn’t stop for one minute to check your phone’. The final curtain call was the Penguin parade. Again, some smart thinking from their team, as Sally gave us : 1.comfy cushions to sit on 2.warm blankets to wrap up warm in 3.binoculars so we could view the Penguins from afar I saw customers from the company we were originally going to book with, climbing out of their flashy German automobile with what could only be described as a dis-interested tour guide. But what made me take note, was what they didn’t have : Did they have cushions? No. Did they get sore backsides? Probably!!! Did they have blankets? No. Did they get cold. Yes absolutely!!! it was freezing!!! Did they get given binoculars? No. Could they see as much as us. Of course not!!! This just reaffirmed that we had chosen the best option. It just requires a bit more digging when you are booking a private tour to make sure you not only end up with the best company but also the best bang for your buck. The number of automated responses we had gotten from companies gobsmacked me. That’s the very reason why why wanted a private tour in the first place. Be be treated as individuals, not as another number. To finish : Kudos to Posh Penguins for delivering such a relaxed, personalised and fun day out. Thanks to James for fielding all our questions and the behind-the-scenes of organising everything, and of course Sally our star tour guide and driver.

6 July 2021

We could not find many operators still doing tours down to phillip island due to covid. Eventually we stumbled upon Posh Penguins. Being a private tour, the price was a bit more than we had anticipated to spend, but we went with it anyway. In the end, the extra cost was worth it. Our guide James was was really friendly. He knew the island very well and we were taken to some incredibly nice secluded spots, to be at one with nature and away from the tourist masses. The Penguin Parade blew me away. Take their advice and book the upgrade. As the sun began to set, the rain started to set in. However, James had secured what they call 'underground bunker' tickets so we could not only shelter from the rain, but also we gained a much better view from the bunker. It was only an extra $45 each (from memory) but again, totally worth it. The drive between melbourne is pretty mundane, but we had a fun chat with James on the way down in the morning and slept for the entire journey on the way back to Melbourne.

4 July 2021

The people who gave this 5 stars should be ashamed. What a terrible exploitation of animals to make money, the Penguins were terrified and they put through this ordeal every night just so they can get to their burrows. Penguin Parade you should be ashamed, I don't know how you can sleep at night, awful.

15 June 2021

Phillip Island has lots of attractions, but the Penguin Parade is the stand out. The Penguins are quite charming, when they come out of the water they look like little gentlemen in dinner jackets coming home from an evening out. With Posh Penguins, you will get a great view of these aquatic birds. I have been to the Penguin Parade many times but these black and white birds never cease to amaze me.

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