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26 Aug 2021

This was a one-of-a-kind experience. Ian was super friendly, and his knowledge exceeded expectations. He is an actual qualified science and his passion for the rainforest is everything you want. This experience was a once in a lifetime. A must do in Cape Trib.

Lauren D()
24 July 2021

This was definitely a highlight of our time in Cape tribulation. Ian was so knowledgeable and able to answer any questions we had (and we had many!). He kept us well entertainment with his banter and eagle eyes to spot anything worth looking at, we even saw zombie fungus! Would definitely do again and highly recommend to those interested in knowing more about the rainforest than what initially meets the eye.

27 May 2021

Ian has a wealth of knowledge and was very informative. He knows every tree, plant, fungi and animal like the back is his hand and is all too pleased to answer any questions you have about the Daintree. He caters each walk to the groups fitness and capabilities. We could have walked through the forest all day listening to the history of the rainforest and how each plant and tree has its own story and place there. The views are just magnificent, the trees are on a gigantic scale - don’t forget to look up but also watch where you’re walking. We much preferred this to our own self guided boardwalks found up and down cape trib road. I highly recommend going on a guided tour with jungle escapes. Particularly Ian - he was a real and refreshing personality with great banter and knowledge. You get to see a part of the rainforest not everyone does and it includes a 2000 year old tree! Yep that’s right 2000 years - a strangling fig in all it’s glory. What are you waiting for? Get to the Daintree!

16 May 2021

Ian was incredibly knowledgeable about the area and I learned so much! While we didn't manage to spot any mammals, Ian kept us entertained the whole walk and we saw plenty of other wildlife. I would absoutely recommend this experience if you're interested in learning about the rainforest - it really adds to your appreciation of the self-guided walks as well.

24 Apr 2021

This is a stunning experience to experience the rainforest and all its animal and plant treasures. Unforgettable to stand listening to the forest even when it rained. Host Ian Samuels is immensely knowledgeable about the forest and the area. Go go go it’s amazing.

Annepom L()
5 Apr 2021

I was very privileged to have a private night tour of the rainforest with Ian 10 days ago when I was up at Cape Tribulation and no one else showed up! Ian has 20+ years experience and is an incredible source of knowledge. He also has an eagle eye and could spot animals and insects that I would not have seen otherwise. I took the opportunity to ask him every single question I had, including how to distinguish the male from the female huntsman spiders. It is also really relaxing to walk at night in the forest with such an incredible guide, listening to the sounds of the forest, contemplating trees, some that are 800 years old..A MUST DO tour when in Cape Tribulation, highly recommend it. Bring cash! and insect repellent! :-) Note: If you don't have a car or simply wanna walk a bit more that evening, the walk from Fern Tree Lodge up the road to the meeting point is only 15 minutes.

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