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10 July 2021

Today we went to Kryal Castle with the kids and our very first experience was almost getting bogged twice in the car parking area. It was rather frightening and the mud was really deep in some areas. There was not enough parking for all the cars and we wasted quite a lot of time finding a spot in the slosh. After being in line for another 15 minutes I was needing the toilet only to discover that there was a huge lineup of ladies and the main toilet block had only 7 toilets of which 2 were out of order. Another woman in the toilet line told me she almost got bogged as well. When entering the ticket lady told me that we would likely be unable to view any of the shows because they had a max capacity of 150 and there was well over 1000 people there, so we were only able to view the jousting. We arrived around 1pm and by the time I wasted 20 minutes in the toilet block we only had time to explore a bit before the jousting show began which was pretty entertaining and the kids loved it. After that we tried to buy food at the bakery only to find they’d basically sold out of heaps of things and apparently had problems with the wood fire oven so no wood fired pizzas. We were lucky to get a meat pie and sausage roll. Then off to the Lolly shop which was basically bare shelves with a few Lolly pops and expensive jars of boiled lollies. Very disappointing. By the time it was 3.25pm I noticed staff already locking up one of the buildings and we went to the top of the watch tower only to find the top door locked so we couldn’t access the bridge for photos. Seems a bit unfair when they close at 4 and stuff is being locked up that early. The kids enjoyed playing on the play ground and then it was time to leave. My sister-in-law went to use the toilet before we left and found that there was no running water, so the toilets didn’t flush and the taps were off… 😯 Quite a few disappointments today.

4 July 2021

We were pretty underwhelmed with our day visit to Kryal Castle, especially as we paid close to $100 to enter. The buildings and castle itself were really impressive but we lacked engagement with the whole experience and the atmosphere was lacking. The entrance was exciting with a moat and big castle doors, the walk through the ‘Dragon’s Labyrinth’ was really intriguing and set the scene. We walked around the park and it seemed like a lot of the shops were closed up. The ‘Tooth Fairy Lolly Shop’ had very little stock and what was there was just repackaged, really poor quality confectionery - not cheap either. I was expecting a themed old Lolly shop with shelves full of Lolly jars etc. The other two gift type shops were also lacking stock and just overall disappointing. The two area shows were entertaining and the acting staff seemed really in character and enthusiastic, but their presence around the park was really minimal. To really improve the atmosphere it would of been great to see people in character just interacting with one another in the village or doing some street performances here and there to engage the visitors. It was quite bad weather during our visit, however we didn’t mind battling the wind and rain. It would of been good to have some more all weather, undercover areas to sit and eat as everyone was crammed into the ‘Ale House’ (once inside just a regular non themed food stall type set up) standing up and shovelling food in out of the rain. It was jammed packed - not ideal in a COVID-19 world. The food in ‘Abbey Tavern’ was terrible. The pre-made toasted sandwiches were cold in the middle still when they were served to us. Other activities which we saw but didn’t participate in were some themed photography, indoor archery and ‘potion’ making - all at an extra cost, on top of the entry ticket.

15 May 2021

Entry to the castle was amazing... mood set the moment we walked in Unfortunately this is where it stopped Cooked Breakfast tasted like it came out of a fridge and water pressure was softer than a baby bottle teat Overall we wouldn’t return to stay however the festive atmosphere was good for a once off

10 May 2021

Pro’s - Nice property - Grand Finale activity was good - performers were friendly and funny Con’s - child’s extra bed was literally a sheet on spring bed! - not ideal for big groups as the manager Paul lives on site and picks on you for enjoying music (at their pre booked party hall) at 8:30 Pm! Extremely rude and passively racist attitude. If music is not allowed after 8 pm then pls clarify at time of booking. Happy to play by the book as long as the book has the relevant chapters in it. Do not visit if in a group of over 2, definitely not a party venue by any leap !

31 Jan 2021

We spent two days and one night at Kryal Castle. Our group was two adults and three young children aged 6, 5 and 3. It was our first time and we had a blast. We arrived just before 10 and explored the grounds first. We then spotted a 'squire' standing in the tournament area with some small shields and wooden swords. The kids all had a go at the sword fighting training with the squire. The squire himself was very engaged and entertaining and devoted his full attention to the children. It was really great. We watched all the shows starting with Rapunzel's story (the acting was incredible. very very funny) and ending with the royal joust. We also watched the wizard's workshop, which was a lot of fun for the kids! We also participated in archery and the axe throwing activity multiple times. We stayed in the commander's quarters, which is a cosy room with a double bed and 4 bunkbeds. It was clean, tidy and very functional. It was super handy to have the microwave and largeish fridge in the room. I highly recommend Kryal Castle to all types of visitors. There is a lot to do and the well planned and well-timed shows ensure you have lots to see. The management and staff are professional and excellent at what they do. Compliments also to Paul for assisting us very efficiently with a refund. The day went by without any dull moments.

Jane G()
23 Jan 2021

Had a great time at kryal castle today with the family. It was a very hot day,shows are great,workers are very nice,there are food places,and a pub and can order a pizza.

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