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2 Oct 2021

We visited today with our friends, between us we had 4 children aged 5, 8, 10 and 10. We got the zip line and general admission ticket and thought we’d be there for about an hour or so and so we were surprised to see 2.5 hours had passed before we knew it! The zip was fun, not super fast but a good length and the kids loved it. The real fun for us were the high trampolines and the ball pit.. my friend and I haven’t laughed that much in so long and the kids were so excited to have us playing in the tramps and ball pit alongside them for so long.. the whole experience was so fun and just what we needed right now and will definitely be back to do the ropes courses!

20 Sept 2021

My partner and I had a groupon for the shock coaster and had no idea how many fun activities there were here! We will definitely be coming back to do the tropes and treetop adventures. We did the shock coaster as well as the spring course which was hilariously fun. Every staff member we came in contact with was absolutely delightful and helpful. We had so much fun even though it was windy (I think it made the coaster more fun with some wind). They have excellent COVID safety procedures in place and we felt safe and taken care of the entire time. Would recommend to all ages and skill levels, there is a wide variety of activities and choices so everyone could find something they enjoy!

30 June 2021

We visited in school holidays with my 9, 11 & 15 year old. We did the super circuit & zip coaster. Parts were challenging, but the satisfaction of completing the 5 different courses was worth it. Was quiet when we arrived in the morning, got busier when we were leaving in the afternoon, book online beforehand to avoid waiting. Zip coaster was lots of fun. Overall it was expensive, but for half a days entertainment I didn’t think it was too bad. Wear dark coloured clothing to avoid dirt stains from when you land the zip lines !

25 Apr 2021

Super expensive, both my kids finished two rounds in 20 mins and it costed us nearly $150. They charged the adult $18 for nothing, even we had told them that we would be sitting in the car waiting for our kids to finish. The staff, a young girl at the desk was very rude and lousy, lied about the closing time and only allowed our kids to do a Short Circuit but not the Super Circuit simply because they wanted to close early although we had arrived at 2:30pm and the usual closing time should be 5pm! We were hugely disappointed, after we showed the other staff the evidence of our arriving time was way before the 2:40pm(for the last group being allowed in for Super Circuit)as they had claimed. At that point, the male staff started changing the words and let our kids to go onto the zip coster as a compensation. After we finished, our kids thanked them all, that young staff who lied from beginning only gave the kids very bad look. It wasn’t a nice experience at all, after the 2.5 hrs driving from Melbourne and long expectation and excitement. We were shocked by the bad attitude and non sense excuses then lies given by the staff, wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.

31 Mar 2021

Ventured here with friends during our relaxing short holiday in Lorne, mostly consuming wine. Just around the corner, great location & beautiful setting in nature. We went on a non-busy weekday, before lunch time & apart from a group that appeared to be there all together - it was relatively quiet & there were no lines/watching & waiting. I can imagine that this place gets PACKED which would severely impact the experience. Expensive! So much money, I thought about the fact that it’s such a good place for a bit of exercise for locals as well but who would pay?! No one Definitely a once off, no point doing it again the next time you visit Lorne as it is too expensive. There is an entry fee just to watch, to do the relatively boring zip coaster is an extra $30 with the high ropes courses. Yes, it does take around 2 hours of your time, but you’re doing mostly the same activities with little input/assistance from staff. Their were 5 courses to complete, some were shorter than others & each ending in a zipline with many people stacking it at the end before getting the hang of it. Staff were observing most areas & occasionally offering support & advice from below. This was an absolute workout! Most of the courses has easier obstacles & then some really hard ones! I am very sore 2 days later from my workout, good sore! Only one bruise!

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