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27 June 2021

Thank you to our tour guide Barry for an excellent day tour. Barry is very friendly and very knowledgable of all the places we visited. Even though the day was fairly overcast and at one lookout all we could see was fog it was still worth going on this tour. We visited so many beautiful places. It is defiantly worth the visit. Thank you Barry for such an incredible day.

12 Apr 2021

Honestly 90 dollars for what they offer it’s a rip off! You expect something different from the pictures they have on their website, but it’s totally different. Nothing spectacular. At all. You don’t see anything that you see on their pictures. You travel two hours on the bus to pick everybody up from their hotel, and you spend the same amount of time when you come back. The tour lasts 1/4 of the time that you spend on the bus. I would not recommend to do this tour, you can probably find something better to do with all that money. I don’t usually write bad reviews but I really regret having taken this tour.

15 Jan 2021

Wow! This was a terrific tour run by Sonia on Saturday night. She picked us up from our hotel in Surfers and dropped us back at our hotel when the tour was over. It was wonderful to have an insightful tour guide who explained and answered any of our questions. She even gave some great advice about the local area with many laughs. This is a wonderful Australian tour for families, friends or partners. It does involve a small amount of walking in the dark, however torches are provided for the walk.

Jana H()
7 Oct 2020

Trots att vädret var inte fint, njöt vi av det underbara naturen som vi såg runt om oss. Måste upplevas. Många vackra vattenfall, gamla träd och utsiktsplatser. Fröjd för ögat.

Callum S()
3 July 2020

We pre-ordered the 'Alpaca Picnic for Two' which claimed to include a gourmet picnic hamper, ice cream for two and two alpacas for 30 mins. It took a while to get the food before heading to the alpaca store for the scheduled walk. A forewarning to arrive 10 mins early would have prevented us from having to reschedule our alpaca walk an hour later. The so-called "gourmet picnic hamper" was in fact a paper bag with an assortment of finger food, salad and cold fried chicken. We ate most of the food, including the salad, with our bare hands as no cutlery was provided; and we were too lazy to go and ask for it. The ice cream was missing from the assortment with the brazen intent to police our waist lines. We ordered the O'Reilly organic wine which was very nice. The alpaca handlers were very kind and accommodating as they provided us with a baby alpaca with the same name as me (Lily) with an adult alpaca (Mr. Noodles) that was supposedly a good mother figure to Lily. He was not. Lily and Mr. Noodles were very cute. This turned out to be their only redeeming quality. Mr. Noodles was only motivated by food and Lily was consistently disgruntled and uncooperative. The only way to get them to move was to trick them into thinking I was running by jogging on the spot. It would be much easier for guests if the alpaca food was provided in reusable containers to prevent the naughty and gluttonous alpacas (Mr. Noodles) from tearing it up. None the less, the overall experience was one of a kind and really enjoyable :)

12 Mar 2020

NAME AND SHAME ON YOU TREVOR FOR FALSELY ADVISING BREAKFAST WAS INCLUSIVE SHAME ON YOU PETER FOR GIVING FALSE HOPE OF A RESOLUTION SHSME ON YOU BERNHARD WEIBAL THE OWNER OF SCENIC DAY TOUR GROUP FOR DISREGARDING CUSTOMER FEEDBACK AND PALMING OFF THE PHONE CALL TO STAFF AND DISGUSTING AND DISRESPECTFUL PHONE MANNERS .i purchased a Hot Air Balloon tour for x2 inclusive of a EVENING Glow Worm tour which particularly outlined inclusive of waterfall by night which was the primary reason of my selection than choosing an opposition. The Advertised tour had many piercing faults of photos on the marketing material which caused misleading information that was very disappointing to not have the inclusions distracting the fine print. I was sold the package by Trevor who said that it had breakfast after the hot air balloon experience. I was really looking forward and excited about viewing the gold coast in the hot air balloon as was sold in the package subject to weather conditions which was changed to a different day for flying. Although the pilot said he did check the weather which was not such a trusted thing to tell as an opposition of a hot air balloon was floating on top of the coast that was spotted out by all members in the group tour.. The prime reason of my purchase was to celebrate my b'day and take photos above the gold coast and achieve the milestone of being afraid of heights. I had relied on the photos that were taken by the pilot to be given or sent to me as it was my birthday and wanted a professional photo not so much a selfie. no photos were sent due to Trevor misleadung conduct of purchase who said it was inclusive. The tour felt very rushed. The grass that was used to depart and land was very tall and i do have asthma and allergies to grass, due to tge early departure it was very dark and members of the group mentioned their fear of snakes and other predators that would sit in overgrown grass. This made me feel scared. I felt very isolated, rushed, uncomfortable and a little uneasy in the trip although its suppose to be an unforgettable experience group tour where everyone feels included. The pilot did not discuss the tour much of where we were until a few questions were asked. The attention of the Pilot was attentive to a larger Australian group excluding myself who appears to be a foreigner as I look Arabian and x4 other Asian foreigners. It turns out that the marketing material is very clever in its misleading conduct aswell as illusions of illustrated wording and photos distracting the core point of the purchase.   The tour guide who was responsible for the night tour for insulting my faith with sarcastic comments about our beloved Prophet Noah and her mockery about Noahs Arc to the group was uncalled for. She was also smoking on the job during breaks and made personal suggestions of advise to me to be selfish and to take my time to have children although my trip to QLD was to celebrate my b'day and to relax post IVF plans. I didn't take much photos as there were restrictions of no photos allowed of the glow worms on the night tour no waterfall was shown, no qld scenic gold coast lookout which is understandable due to fog. My husband and I purchased 3 packets of Tim Tams to offer the group as a friendly and kind gesture. I demanded a full reimbursement due to misleading conduct, racial and religious mockery and insults but was palmed off and was told that the company has never ever experienced negative feedback. What a ridiculous thing to say where in this forum some shared good and bad experiences and other travellers have stated otherwise I will be sharing this experience with social media to warn them of the lies and deception I have experienced. I am very disappointed and embaressed by the bullying religious remarks and mockery and dreadful experience i had with scenic tours staff and extremely unprofessional conduct.

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