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10 Oct 2020

Fantastic experience - highly recommended. Beautiful day and wonderful scenery from 15,000ft all the way down!

4 Oct 2020

Could not have asked for a more professional and safe experience. Kevin I believe was my tandem bud, such amazing crew. Thank you for the privilege of hurtling toward the ground in style! View must never get old.

6 Sept 2020

My daughter did this for her 13th bday and again for her 18th and loved it just as much. We got photos and videos this time visiting as it was on her actual bday. Super friendly, quick and easy to understand. Beautiful view from plane and jump

14 Mar 2020

Went here today for my 30th and it was amazing!! I couldn't have asked for a better instructor (Mikey H, you're a legend) and it was honestly the best experience of my life. I wanna do it again 4 hundred times over aha. Thank you guys! You'll be seeing me again. I'm still not over the high ✌️❤️

27 Feb 2020

For too many years I’d convinced myself that I’d never be able to get beyond the ‘sitting on the ledge of the plane door’ bit... Having trekked the West Coast on a group ‘expedition’ earlier in my trip, talk inevitably had turned to what others had experienced here in Oz. A number of my travel buddies had ‘done’ the Dive - and at Mission Beach which is reputed to be one of the very best worldwide sites to ‘take the plunge’. And so it was that at the ripe old age of 56 and with enough supposed ‘common wisdom’ under my belt that I determined to put ‘caution to the wind’ - literally. I’ll leave you to experience ‘it’ for yourself but a few points to ponder... 1. I WAS **** scared - but only in the moments before I ‘jumped’ ( i.e. was pushed out ! ) 2. ‘Mind’ CAN really overcome ‘matter’. 3. I actually felt safe - before & during ! 4. I’m SO pleased that I took out a second mortgage to pay for every conceivable video footage going ( i.e. Proof ! ) And... 5. Yes - I WOULD do it again 👍❤️

24 Feb 2020

Could not recommend more!!! This was an amazing experience and completely once in a lifetime!! I’m okay with heights but I was definitely nervous for this however all the staff and instructors are super friendly and really informative. The video and photos produced are also amazing!! The only slight downside is purchasing the footage and photos is almost as much as the skydive itself but still definitely worth it!!

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