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7 Oct 2021

Taking this tour from Jabiru, we spent around 30 minutes on board driving to pick up other passengers before heading off to the Fall. I say Fall as, although it's advertised as going to Twin Falls - it did not. Twin Falls had been closed all season! No forewarning or price reduction. Onwards towards Jin Jin Falls the air-conditioner broke down. It was a sunny 37 degree day and we had about 90minutes drive time to get to the first stop, a toilet break. Inside the back cabin people were suffering with heat stroke and would have been at least 50 degrees. Had to get the guide to pull over as a young lady was overcome by the heat. Getting off the bus the air outside felt cool even though it was 37°! Another 25mins inside the hot box to get to the Falls felt like hours as the road was terrible, not the tours fault. The walk (read climb) to the Falls after being so hot was very difficult. Then the bus broke down 5mins after leaving the falls, but the guide and others managed to get it back on the road. Back on the hot bus for about an hour or so we met up with a substitute bus which thankfully had working air conditioning. I have requested a partial/full refund on several occasions, without success, as this tour was not as advertised and we had quite a distressing day.

Gabrielle M()
11 Sept 2021

SCAMMERS. We booked this tour and found out on the day (with the rest of the tour) that Twin falls had been closed for over 2 months prior. The company and the tour guide did not care, even though their terms said they would offer an alternative. They offered no alternative and took our money for both falls. They are in breach of consumer laws through misleading and deceptive conduct.

11 Sept 2021

VERY DISAPPOINTING - DO NOT RECOMMEND company advertises a trip to twin and Jim Jim falls but only Jim Jim was open. twin falls was closed the whole season but the company never told us this was the case, which was very misleading. The website said that if one falls was closed they would take you to another one but that was not true, we only went to one falls: I would not use this tour company again. The guide was very apathetic and didn’t care that we were ripped off (in fact he spent the whole time complaining about the company).

26 Aug 2021

FALSE ADVERTISING – TWIN FALLS COMPLETLEY CUT FROM ITINERAY WITH NO NOTICE AND NO ACKNOWLEDGMENT. Very disappointing from start to finish. Guide did not offer any information unless asked from a passenger. I could tell he was very knowledgeable about the area but was disengaged with passengers and seemed to only want to be a driver and not a tour guide. When we were driving along, the sign to Twin Falls stated it was closed. When we stopped I asked him about the closure. He stated, “Oh yeah that has been closed for at least 12 months” I was a bit taken aback and asked how did that affect our itinerary as many times throughout the Itinerary it includes details about Twin Falls: Rumble across rough tracks in the 4-wheeler, catch a boat shuttle service through Twin Falls Gorge (extra fee), and finish the trek by foot along a floating boardwalk and rocky path. The athletic efforts are rewarded with stellar views of Twin Falls, where you can relax and soak up the scene on the sandy beach at the base of the falls. - • Rest on a sandy beach at the base of Twin Falls • Explore Twin Falls Gorge which is accessed by 4-wheel drive track, a boat shuttle service and a rocky walking track and floating boardwalk. Once there relax on the sandy banks and admire the falls. • Travel through Twin Falls Gorge on a boat shuttle and floating boardwalk We were told it doesn’t affect our itinerary and would only be going to Jim Jim Falls. So disappointed. The radio in vehicle was broken, no commentary at all about the history of Kakadu, stopped for 1 photo opportunity but only from inside the vehicle and “sorry about the dirty windows” What was the point. Lunch was adequate and told to clean it up as he would have to pay for any missing items. We certainly would never have booked this trip knowing the 2 falls, boat ride, floating boardwalk etc were not included. If we had been told at any time during the planning and booking process, we would have been aware, but to just be bluntly told during the trip felt very sneaky and underhanded. We are happy to spend our money but like to know what we have paid for will be delivered. I feel a refund is warranted as this was surely not the case. Response from tour company was that it is in the terms and conditions the itinerary can change. How can they advertise an itinerary if the site has been closed for 12 months, it wasn’t just closed for the day. Very disappointed and will not book any future tour with Wayoutback tours.

8 Aug 2021

Disappointing. Twin falls were closed and the operator made no attempt to let us know Nothing else was offered in place of this. The guide was very disinterested and certainly didn’t want to be there Didn’t tell us any information unless we asked Lunch was adequate As these are places you only visit once a lifetime it was super disheartening This tour is not worth the money and we will be asking for a refund Lift your game wayoutback Australian Safaris

23 July 2021

The driver of Wayoutback Safaris refused to take us since he considered my footwear inadequate. I would therefore ask for a refund of the money I paid.

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