Disco at Studio 54

Live Virtual Entertainment

Disco at Studio 54

Give your virtual event an injection of excitement and stand out from the rest, with high quality live streamed entertainment 

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Gather your work colleagues, friends and family virtually, turn up the volume and enjoy the new experience of live streamed entertainment! With pop-up performances and audience interaction throughout, providing a welcome respite to the challenge of remaining engaged with screen-based events.

Perfect for team building, awards nights, birthday parties and private celebrations.

Hosted by a compare, who encourages audience interaction throughout, a talented cast of singers and dancers are guaranteed to give you that live theatre thrill!

Αυτό που παίρνεις

This virtual dive into the world of the Great Gatsby with music, dance and interaction is streamed live from the studio, using professional audio and visual technology.

Take your guests back in time to the 1970s and recreate the infamous atmosphere of the coolest club in NYC.

Disco dancing divas and hip, strutting guys perform showstopping routines and mix and mingle with your guests on the dance floor to keep the party going all night long!

Our fantastic West End singer will host the evening and also run the themed quiz rounds.

Two professional dancers complete the initial line-up and are guaranteed to give you that live theatre thrill!

Your event package includes a mix of choreographed dance performances, live songs, interactive quiz rounds and also some audience participation moments where you even get the chance to join in with some dance moves!

The studio stream comes complete with a qualified technician to manage the stream and a professional cameraman too.

Σημαντικές πληροφορίες

  • Wi-Fi

  • Video Conferencing

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Add a Vocalist(Ελάχιστο 1 / Μέγιστο 1)

180 €

Latin Dance Couple(Ελάχιστο 1 / Μέγιστο 1)

300 €

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Παρέχεται απόUltimate Event Dancers

  • Τιμές από1.209 € / session

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