3 alternative themes for Christmas lunch.

3 alternative themes for Christmas lunch.

If you are looking for something different for your Christmas lunch this year, here are 3 alternatives for you to consider

14 Jun 2021, 13.09.11

Your workplace Christmas lunch does not have to be as formal and boring as it used to be

Try a theme party - it's always fun. And there are lots of fun themes to choose from, and here are three great ideas

  1. Christmas Sweater Party
    Most people have ugly Christmas sweaters, in red and green colors with reindeer, Santa Claus and Christmas trees in large formats over the belly. Get the team to put them on - and accept the bad taste! Everyone will be dressed in the same style. Create a competition out of it - who gets to wear the ugliest Christmas sweater of all? It will get a smile on people's lips, and will make the mood nicely informal.
  2. Christmas Mask Party
    Masquerade balls are mysterious and give a very special atmosphere to a party, because you can not see who the others are. If necessary, mix departments together during the dinner so that people do not know who they are sitting with. It can start interesting conversations, and provide an opportunity to get to know other people in the company better. If people show up without a mask, it's a good idea to make a 'do-it-yourself table' ready with glitter, colored cardboard, feathers, colors and other props where they can make a mask themselves. That way, everyone becomes part of the game.
  3. Christmas around the World
    Many countries, religions and cultures celebrate something around Christmas time - even if they do not call it Christmas or associate it with Christmas. Why not celebrate all the different traditions with a world-Christmas theme? It will be a really good theme if you are a multicultural office or company.
    Encourage people to dress in a national costume or something else traditional from their cultures and countries. The food can reflect the different cultures the employees come from and can be varied accordingly. By being open and curious about other people's cultures and traditions, everyone learns a lot more about each other and it can bring them closer together as employees.

Have a nice party!

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