5 team building exercises for better collaboration

5 team building exercises for better collaboration

Making sure your team works as one unit is vital to the importance of your business, so here are 5 great team building exercises

14 Jun 2021, 13.15.17

It is so important that you are able to work together as a team in the workplace. Therefore, team building, where collaboration is the focus is vital

Teambuilding is designed to strengthen unity and collaboration skills. Teambuilding can be many different things - but if you want extra focus on the art of collaborating, then you must choose exercises that focus on this.

Here are some team building ideas where the focus is on collaboration.

Virtual reality
Test your collaboration skills in a completely different world - virtual reality takes the participants on a trip into space, where you as a team must try to solve different tasks in a set time. If you do not manage it, disaster strikes and anything can happen. Cooperation and communication are extremely important in this exercise, where the participants are strengthened as a team. 

Team exercises
All activities focus on the social aspects in the group, and you must jointly solve tasks where you are hampered in one way or another. Along the way, the instructor evaluates the various exercises and also looks at how the collaboration and communication works. The evaluation provides an opportunity to put the new skills in focus, which is a big part of the whole experience.

Escape Rooms
If you want to test your collaboration and communication skills, this activity is incredibly educational. A challenging experience where collaboration is paramount. Your group is divided into smaller teams, after which each team is locked into a room filled with riddles, mysteries and hidden clues. From this moment, the teams have minutes to collect all the clues in the room, and solve the riddle to get out of there in time. 

Make a TV advert
An activity that strengthens the unity in the group whilst testing your communication skills. This activity promotes collaboration through a series of non-competitive activities, where the purpose is to have fun and to test the way the group coordinates with each other.

Trading & sales games
A team building challenge with a focus on growth, trade and collaboration. Here you test how good trading and communication skills the participants have in a captivating team match. A challenge where risk assessment, team strategies, trading talent and good old-fashioned cooperation are the key to winning the competition. 

Team building can be fun and educational to experience with colleagues, boosting collaboration during the event

Have fun team building!

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