What is the best type of team building activity for your team?

What is the best type of team building activity for your team?

If you need assistance in finding the perfect activity for your next team building event, here is a quick guide to assist you

14 Jun 2021, 14.17.45

There are many team building options so you must remember to think about what to achieve from your event

Are you looking to improve working relationships across the departments, perhaps become better at communicating, or do you have to work together under pressure? It is important to plan the team building day according to which people you are dealing with at your workplace. Get inspiration for team building themes here.

Creative team building
If your workplace has a relaxed atmosphere, but want to get to know each other better in a different environment, a cooking course will be ideal. Here there is time to immerse yourself in baking, creating sushi, or in the process of making a large three-course menu. Alternatively, you can also take a cocktail course, where the atmosphere automatically becomes a little more festive in step with the different cocktails you get make during the evening. The immersion and the creative process in team building activities like these connect employees together in a different way than what they are used to from the office.

Active team building
If you are into action, there are many options that will make you smile and get the heart pumping. Paintball is a classic example where both physical activity and tactics are paramount. Here, team work is important, and can help to improve communication between employees in the workplace. If you are looking for something silly you could also try bubble football. Here you throw yourself into each other and try to play football in the big, round inflatble suits. Active team building if perfect for groups looking at creating unity, getting energetic and having lots of fun.

Strategic team building
The great thing about strategic team building is that you have to work together as a team. Everyone is forced to cooperate whether it is puzzles to be solved, whether to find certain GPS coordinations around the city, or whether to solve different tasks on time. The themes can be many: murder mysteries, cultural quizzes, and escape rooms. Find the activity that is best suited for your team, and be ready to strengthen both community and togetherness in a fun and different way.

Whether your team should go out and get active, solve murder mysteries, learn how to make cream buns or play a strategic game depends on the types of people you have in the team. Therefore, it is important to consider which of the 3 categories above would suit your team best - and why exactly this would add something extra to you - both professionally as well as socially.

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