How to make your team building event more successful

How to make your team building event more successful

Successful companies need successful team work, so here is guide to help you get the maximum out of your team building event

14 Jun 2021, 13.44.38

Team building activities can be an essential part of creating a stronger bond between colleagues, and at the same time an effective way of boosting productivity in the company.

However, there is no reason to believe that team building is only something that can be used when productivity needs to be boosted - there is much more to it. This means that the whole idea of ​​team building can potentially be lifted to a level where employees and employers get a lot more out of it.
As a team building event organizer, there are some very simple steps you can take to ensure that your employees get more out of their team building than they normally would. Here are some tips for organizing team building: 

How to make your team building event more successful

Improving the quality of your team building event is actually not very demanding, and can be broken down into seven different steps. Some of the tips may be more valuable than others, but you should still try to achieve them all so you can be sure that your team building activities will be as successful as they can.


Ask the team for ideas

When it comes to planning such events, there is no doubt that there will be some disagreement among the employees. Some will prefer outdoor team building activities and games, while others will prefer to stay indoors. Instead of making the decision yourself try asking for ideas from your employees and colleagues.

Get your employees to take an active role in planning

As an extension of the previous tip, get employees to help plan some of the activities. While this may sound like an excuse to get help on what might sound like a daunting task, it is actually a cunning way to take team building to the next level. It will almost be like a challenge in itself that the employees are given without thinking about it as they will have to work together to plan the day.

Ask your employees to take notes

It is all very good that you arrange a day of eam building, but there is always a risk that it will not achieve any results. If the participants only think of it as a day off, then they risk losing or forgetting all the positive things that they contribute to that day, and will therefore not take the benefits back with them to the workplace. To avoid this, ask them all to write down their experiences from the day.

Exit the comfort zone

Include a task that is unusual for employees - this one should really try to enforce. For example, if they are used to sitting in a boring office all day, then arrange a sports day or a day on the water. If they are usually outdoors, do something else - for example, a chocolate course, a cooking course or maybe a ceramics course.

Test their knowledge

Put together a quiz on the day to ensure they are listening and taking in the knowledge from the experts

Test their strengths and weaknesses

Some team building days are can be quite generic, where your employees will discover where their strengths lie and where they need to improve. You should therefore, quite consciously, organize an activity that includes an area where you know they are already struggling, to see how they handle the situation. The way they react can help you form a picture of how you can help them moving forward.

Get feedback

Just as you get the employees to take notes around the day, it is a good idea to design a questionnaire afterwards, to form a picture of what the employees actually thought about the day, and whether there was anything that could be improved.

There are many ways in which team building activities can be improved. Those responsible for organizing such team days should take these ideas into consideration as they may prove to be worthwhile and the way to get the most out of their event.

No one can deny that events such as team building days can help increase productivity, but it does not have to stop there. Companies should always aim to take things to the next level - no matter what. So why not take this path when it comes to team building? Your employees are worth it, and it can prove to be beneficial to the whole organization.

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