How to plan a last minute Christmas party

How to plan a last minute Christmas party

If the clock is ticking and you are running out of time to book your Christmas party here is a quick guide to help you

14 Jun 2021, 14.06.00

If you have left the planning of your Christmas party to last minute, here are some ideas to help you rise to the last minute challenge.

It would be a shame not to host a Christmas party, and therefore late planning is better than no planning. If you are one of those who are late in the planning, we have some ideas to help you:

  1. Keep calm!
    Do not let stress take over - it only makes the process harder. If you worry too much, your planning process will suffer.
  2. Information is vital
    How many people will attend the Christmas party? Should the party be held in the workplace or at a venue? What day should the party be held - Friday or Saturday? How big is the budget?
  3. Make a plan
    You need to be organized when you do not have much time left. Therefore, be sure to make a list that can be helpful in coordinating the planning.
  4. Delegate
    It is normal to want to take care of everything yourself, but it is not always the best way to fix things. Delegate the various tasks on the list to the people who can help. It will ease the pressure and ensure the party is a success.
  5. Find a theme
    Theme parties are often more fun, but it does not have to be too complicated. It can be as simple as deciding on a color theme, or even style of food. Choosing a theme does a lot for the mood of the evening itself, but it also provides a common thread that everyone can follow.
  6. Do it yourself?
    you could run to a store and bulk buy decorations, or look to create your own? Budget and time are big factors here. 
  7. Consider the food
    Food is essential for a Christmas party, so it is important to consider your options. If you have chosen to hold the Christmas at your workplace or away at a venue, catering must also be ordered from outside. If, on the other hand, you have chosen to hold the party at a restaurant, they will prepare it for you.
  8. Find simple entertainment
    Make your own entertainment in the form of an alternative package game or something else that would be fun to make together. It can be really simple, such as one of your team playing the music.
  9. Keep your spirits up!
    Planning parties at the last minute can be stressful. But keep in mind what a festive evening does for the staff. It's pampering - and they'll be entertained no matter what's planned.

Have fun with the planning!

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