What are the benefits of active team building?

What are the benefits of active team building?

Here is our step by step guide to the benefits of active team building

14 Jun 2021, 13.34.42

The active team building exercvises ensures the participants to work together under physically demanding and pressured conditions. If you are ready for a physical challenge, it is obvious to book an active team building.

We give here some suggestions for an active team building day, where the adrenaline kicks in and physical challenges that will teach participants to understand and explore each other's boundaries. If you choose an active team building, it will bring the participants closer together as a team and just as well strengthen them individually - also in everyday life.

Touch rugby
If you are looking for a fresh challenge, where there is an importance to be both fast and tactical, then touch rugby may be for you. Like traditional rugby but without the tough tackling meaning everyone can get involved. It is an activity with speed and power across the field, trying to score the most tries.

Multi-sports day
It can be a challenge of finding one activity that everyone is happy with, then this could be the solution. Look to book a fun day that covers a range of sports such as classic paintball, bumper balls, blind football, gladiator match and hockey. A day filled with lots of competition and good entertainment when you have to compete against each other in teams.

Mountain adventures
If you need to get out into nature and feel the wind in your face or getting close to nature, then a mountain adventure is a great idea. Here you can either choose a high pace on the toughest trails, or you can take a quiet walk through the forest. There will typically be a treasure hunt where different tasks have to be solved on time, or an endurance race, which involves running the most laps on time. If you are on a brisk walk through the forest with challenge and competition that can strengthen motivation and unity, then the mountain bike ride is an ideal offer.

Kayak polo
Kayaking polo is a fun water sport that can best be described as a mix of water polo and basketball. The big challenge is not only the strength and conditions, but also the technical skill required to be able to maneuver around in this kayak. If you are looking for a sporting activity that can strengthen both unity and concentration, then kayak polo is the activity for you.

Escape rooms and challenges
Here you have to use both body and head when you have to compete in different challenges. Race against the clock solving riddles, climbing over obstacles, using your balance and getting used to heights. So if you are looking for a challenge that can bring you closer together as a team, you should definitely take a trip to an escape room.

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