Evendo BEAT

Evendo BEAT

Organizing events has never been easier. All you need in one place, ready for you to plan and book.

3 Mar 2021, 14:48:05

Manage bookings in your event business the efficient way with Evendo BEAT

Evendo BEAT lets you manage your event business no matter where you are. You stay in control with intuitive overviews of bookings and orders – and you can easily accept new bookings while on the go. With the built-in scanner, you can even accept voucher payment, and validate them in real-time.


Receive bookings directly in your Evendo BEAT. If you need to confirm them, you can do so easily – with a single click. Everything else is automated. Naturally, the same applies should you have to decline a booking request from a customer. Once accepted, Evendo will handle the rest – and send confirmations and vouchers to the customer. Your job is done, once you have clicked “Accept”.


Keep track of who your customers are, when they are arriving – and what they have booked. The intuitive overview constantly gives you all the information you need to give the customers the best possible experience. No more surprises. You are in control.


Easily accept vouchers brought by customers. Simply enter the voucher ID or scan the barcode – and Evendo will validate the vouchers in real-time. We have simply eliminated all risk for you. Once a voucher is validated, payment is released automatically. You don’t even need to do an invoice for the customer – Evendo will do that for you as well.


To use Evendo BEAT, you must be registered with Evendo.com.

Your BEAT dashboard provides overview of all of your bookings. Who is coming? When? What product/service have they booked?

You will never miss a thing again. No more surprises.

Whether you do direct bookings or would like to approve each request from customers, Evendo BEAT gives you the full overview. When a new booking or request is received, it will immediately appear in your dashboard – ready for you to expedite.

Once you approve or decline a request, Evendo will handle the rest. If confirmed, we will send confirmation, receipt and voucher to the customer – and make sure you receive all details. If declined, we naturally handle that as well. Everything is automated – and your job is done with a click.

Each booking and request contain all the information you need. If you have special requirements for a booking, Evendo will have collected these before submitting to you. No need to spend time calling the customer – we have done it all for you already. We have even secured your payment. So, once you accept, you are also secured money-wise.

Updating inventory can be a hassle. However, with Evendo BEAT you are constantly on top of the products and services you are offering.

When customers present you with a voucher, you can easily validate this from Evendo BEAT. Validation is done in real-time, so if successful you are 100% certain everything is OK.

If the customer brings a voucher with a barcode – or is using the Evendo GO app – you can just scan the barcode directly from Evendo BEAT. This will also do a full validation of the voucher – it just saves you even more time.

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