10 activities to keep cool in the summer

10 activities to keep cool in the summer

If you are looking for some great ways to keep your team cool this summer, then here are 10 great activities to try.

10 May 2022, 16:37:59

By Simon Nichols

Here are some great ways in which you can stay cool this summer

1. Evening pub crawl

Once the sun starts to go down over the horizon it’s the perfect excuse to take the team out and enjoy time in the cooler evening air. Many pub crawls can be designed for team bonding, and combine with a scavenger hunt, or you can just experience the best pubs in town. Many bars will open gardens in the summer months or place tables outside, and if you are lucky, you may also find an air-conditioned bar!

2. Cycling tour

Cycling tours are now so popular with options for cycling activities in cities, parks, and countryside routes. You can consider hiring standard bikes, or even the newest e-bikes on the market (great for hills or the less fit in the team). As you cycle around the paths and roads you’ll feel the wind in your hair, get fit and a great way of staying cool in the heat of the summer.
3. Ice Bar

You maybe thinking “what is an ice bar?”, good question! These custom-built bars are made of crystal-clear ice maintained at minus degrees all year round and are the 'coolest' bars in town! Expect everything in the bar is made from ice including the walls, tables, chairs and even the glasses that cocktails are served in.
4. Sailing

Even in the hottest days, the temperature will be much lower if you can make it to the coast or a large stretch of water. Take the team out on the water with a session of team building or simple bonding. You could decide to engage the team in learning how to sail, or even competing in yachts against each other. Another option is to hire a boat, a captain and enjoy the open waves whilst chilling on the deck with some nice wine and wonderful food!

5. Ice cream making class

If you are looking for a chilled team building experience perhaps you should consider a traditional gelato making class. An expert in creating Italian ice cream will show your team how to make wonderful ice cream desserts before you get your own chance to create great flavours. A great experience in the summer as not only is the venue nice and cool, but you get to taste the creations at the end too.

6. Vineyard tour

Escape the city and head out to the countryside to enjoy a tour of a vineyard. As the city boils in the heat the countryside can be a few degrees cooler and give the team a chance to have a few glasses of cool rose wine. Learn how grapes are grown, how wine is produced and bottles, before getting educated on how to taste wine. Expect to taste a few varieties of the locally produced wine before boarding your travel back home.

7. Slush ice machine

If your office is getting a bit “hot under the collar” in the summer heat, and perhaps the air-conditioning isn’t quite 100% and the temperature is rising! You can always consider hiring a slush ice machine to be delivered to your workplace and take people back to their childhoods. Really simple – water, ice, and flavouring but perhaps you could have some alcohol and turn it into and frozen cocktail party!

8. Rafting

White water rafting is the ultimate way of staying cool in the spring and summer months. Send your team on an adventure down the rapids as water sprays them in the face, and the raft throws them into the river! The team will have to work together as a unit to keep the raft afloat, and you’ll be creating great memories to have for the future.

9. Visit a museum

Perhaps a museum is not top of everyone’s minds when thinking of a way for the team to escape the heat, but you may be surprised! Many museums are not only air-conditioned but also block out the sun to protect the exhibition pieces. You could consider a private tour after hours, and then look for a local restaurant or bar to enjoy time together to discuss what you just saw and learnt.
10. River cruise

If you don’t have the chance to escape the city but want to get out on the water, why not consider a river cruise? So many great cities have high quality river cruises, and they aren’t just for tourists. See your city from a different perspective, learn some history, and just sit back and enjoy the view! Many river cruises can be booked with food and drinks, and even party boats.

Simon Nichols

Head of Partnerships at Evendo

About Simon, he has a background in the London events and hospitality market going back over 20 years. Simon has in an in-depth knowledge of the events market and currently heads up all supplier partnerships at Evendo.

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