Why archery is ideal for team building

Why archery is ideal for team building

Archery is an amazing sport and hobby, but what makes it so good for teambuilding? Read on!

31 May 2022, 14:41:06

Archery is competitive

By choosing archery for your team building activity, you can create a healthy competitive atmosphere within your team. Whether you play in teams or as individuals the team will love the challenge and aiming for the targets
Archery can be mobile

If you are struggling to take your team away from their desks and phones, fear not some archery providers can be mobile! All the equipment can be delivered to your location ensuring employees are not having to travel around the country and missing valuable work time
Archery won't bust the budget

Archery can be low cost. All you need is some space, targets, bows, and arrows and an instructor. There is no major cost for technology or heavy equipment, perfect if you on a budget.

Archery is educational

You can expect that not very many people in your organisation are trained hunter gatherers, so for most learning archery will be something new, and who doesn’t like learning a new skill? You may even have the next archery Olympian in your department, and you never knew!
Archery can encourage team support and camaraderie

Whether you all play as individuals or as teams, you will see the rest of the players getting behind and cheering for the contestants in each round of archery. Consider if you want to break up departments, or make departments face each other in combat.
Archery is very social

As you are not charging around the football pitch or hurtling down the river, you team will have the opportunity to chat and bond during the rounds of shooting and whilst supporting their team mates.

Everyone can get involved

As we have mentioned most in your team won’t have played archery before, and it’s not an over physical activity, so you can expect everyone in the team to not only get involved but also enjoy the experience. You may have some surprises as who is the best at archery!
Archery helps beat stress

Firing arrows at a target is a great way of taking the stress out of your everyday life. Have you been listening to complaining customers? Take a shoot - “Twang”. Been chasing new contracts, “twang” hit that target. Asked to organise the Christmas party? “Twang” Bullseye!
Archery can boost confidence

Taking the team out of their comfort zone and trying a new activity can help boost confidence as your team members are shown how to breath properly and how to fire arrows by a trained instructor. Your team will return to office revitalized.
Archery is just so much fun!

Archery is fun and a great way to take the team away from the workplace. A session of archery will make great memories for your team to discuss for some time.

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