Why wellbeing activities are good for team building

Why wellbeing activities are good for team building

Boost your team's productivity and health by looking at the importance of wellbeing activities as team building activities

4 Mar 2022, 16:15:16

By Simon Nichols

As wellbeing activities grow for individuals and consumers, we look at how these activities can be used to for team building and as a part of your company's training programme.

1. Team building should be good for the soul

Many wellness activities such as yoga and pilates are good for mental health and will help employees to relieve the stress of the modern workplace.

Some particular wellbeing activities will strengthen parts of the brain that play a key role in memory, attention, awareness, thought, and overall mental health.

Some wellbeing activities will also improve sleep, prevent burn out, and boost self-esteem.
2. Team building can be good for the body         

Whether you are looking for something practical such as a nutrition workshop, something physical such as fitness or a more passive exercise such as SUP yoga all will have benefits for physical health.

Improving body awareness, decreasing inflammation, positive effects on the nervous system, boosting immunity, and focusing on posture are just of the physical benefits your team witness with a platform of wellbeing team building.
3. Wellbeing activities are more inclusive           

Many team building activities may benefit a small number of employees who have a long history in the activity, consider for example five a side football or winter sports – if you are trained in these activities, you may shine compared to others with less experience.

There are many wellbeing activities, where having any previous experience or being physically stronger has no relevance, meaning more employees will want to get involved and actually enjoy it.
4. Good mobility

Some of the most popular team building activities must be held at the supplier’s venue – such as white wate rafting or require a high level of special equipment such as paintball, whether as many wellbeing activities can be held at your workplace or office.

Think of the space required for yoga, or the low level of equipment needed to have a dance class – both can be easily held in a quiet area of your work building.

5. Good low cost alternatives to traditional team building

If the activity is mobile, requires little special equipment, and a low number of trained staff; you should expect the cost of the activity to be lower.

Wellbeing activities such as silent discos, office dogs, and laughter workshops require little in the way of staff, space, and costly equipment meaning they provide great value for money as a team building activity. Ideal for keeping the finance team happy!

6. Ideal for the modern workplace

Today’s modern company is not just about the employees that work in one building; and companies now have employees in multiple offices, cover multiple countries and time zones, flexible hours, and remote workers.

Because you can hold many wellbeing activities such as yoga, and aerobic classes virtually, this means that more members of staff will be able to attend which will lead to higher engagement and employee happiness.

7. Wellbeing activities can be held on a regular basis

Many team building activities require a great deal of logistical support; perhaps moving many employees to a location, hiring special equipment, or renting a particular venue such as an escape room – all of which can make them something you may do occasionally, perhaps once a quarter.

Many wellbeing activities are so low maintenance that you hold events and activities on a weekly basis, and employees can join in when it is suitable.
8. Team building doesn't need to be competitive

Although you may desire to have a competitive environment in your team or workplace, competitive sports and challenges may not suit every person in the team.

Some employees will feel more at ease with a more passive activity such as country walk or breathing workshop as a way of creating a great team environment.

9. There are short and long term benefits

Wellness activities such as yoga, nutrition workshops, art classes, and mindfulness exercises have proven benefits in both the short and long terms.

Employees will instantly see the benefits of feeling more at ease and stress free, to longer term effects of better health and having a more active lifestyle.

Happy and healthy employees will lead to a more productive team!
10. Wellness articles can help build a community spirit

Regular wellbeing activities will lead to an improved team spirit and a true community feeling in the workplace.

Team building doesn’t always need to macho or involve problem solving challenges, you can have a much more passive and relaxed team building structure which can lead to a creative, innovative, and ethical company culture.

Simon Nichols

Head of Partnerships at Evendo

About Simon, he has a background in the London events and hospitality market going back over 20 years. Simon has in an in-depth knowledge of the events market and currently heads up all supplier partnerships at Evendo.

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