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Everyone loves dressing up, so why not make your next occasion a costume party? Fancy dress can lower people’s inhibitions, create a great atmosphere, and produce some amazing memories. You can organize a costume party for so many occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, or New Year’s Eve.

The first consideration is to decide on a theme before you send out invitations; but where do you start? A classic theme for a costume party would be a masked ball or sometimes known as a Masquerade ball. Halloween can provide numerous scary themes based around vampires, Egyptian Mummies, Frankenstein, and infamous murders; or aim for the party of all parties with a classic Great Gatsby party and totally indulge your guests.

Movies can provide great inspiration for costume parties with superhero themes including Superman, Wonder Woman, Spiderman and Batman, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, Marvel, or some iconic Hollywood movies from previous decades. Music is a wonderful way of dressing up, perhaps look for a 1980’s theme and let your guests find their inner Madonna, Prince or Duran Duran!

Historical figures will give your guests centuries of inspiration to choose from, from Cavemen, pirates, Vikings, Roman togas, or world leaders. Perhaps your theme could be based on a Hawaiian beach, or a casino – everyone loves James Bond. A back to school is a simple party to organize and is so much fun, white shirts, ties, and pigtails – even the music can be picked from when you were a teenager.

Now you have a theme you can start considering venues, including restaurants and bars; or hosting at your home or office. Some catering companies may be able to provide themed food, especially themed cakes, or deserts. Your theme can also drive the music and entertainment – swing dancers, acrobats, live music, DJs, and magicians.

Whatever theme your costume party is to be, Evendo has a range of venues, catering, party rentals and entertainers to ensure your party is a success.

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