Dance workshop with people practising the dance routine
Dance studio with people learning the dance routine
Women at dance workshop practising the dance routine
Dance studio with women learning the dance routine

Dance Workshop

Learn a Routine

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    • 1 hour

    • suitable for up to 30 participants

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    • London

    Feel motivated in your teams when you participate in a transformative dance workshop. Corporate groups can really embrace the concept of dance, moving together and connecting through the universal language of body movement to boost their confidence and release pressure in this teambuilding activity. Learn dance routines, and feel good - dancing is one of the best things we can do with our bodies.


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    What you get

    Get together with your team building group in a pressure-free, motivational dance workshop that comes to you.

    You will spend up to four hours learning a dance routine with your teammates in a collaborative dance workshop. Your group will benefit from dance-based games, challenges and exercises used to boost self-confidence, creativity and even brain and memory capacity. 

    Build trust between your team members, increase focus and release feel-good endorphins by learning a full choreographed dance.

    Dancing is a multi-purpose tool used in this workshop to improve your team’s verbal and non-verbal communication skills. A qualified workshop leader will guide you through choreographed moves and have you work together to perfect them, increasing corporate synergy. You will create a dance that can be performed at the end of the session or at an upcoming event.

    Press play to the music of your choice. No experience necessary as our expert dancers will teach you all you need to know. Just move your body to the beat.

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    available daily from 9:00 to 18:00

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    Product description

    What is one way to break down tension, feel better internally and lift your spirits? Perhaps there are a few answers to that question, but one of them for certain is dance. Something rather beautiful happens when we move our bodies and connect to music – social connections are built, endorphins increase and stress lowers.  

    Listen to the music and feel how different rhythms can change the way you connect to it. Be loud, be bold, be soft, be delicate – each dance method will teach you how to be at one with both body and breath. Feel confident with each movement, support your teammates and allow the power of dance to work its magic.

    Dance styles in these sessions are typically contemporary, but can be inspired by any theme or style.

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