Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever

Trapped Online

Cabin Fever

    Provided byTrapped In The Web
    • 1 hour

    • 3 - 200 participants

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    • London, United Kingdom

    An online escape game created by its inventor as a way to keep his girlfriend connected with her friends and family during a lockdown, which now you can enjoy wherever you are in the World! Great challenge for remote workers or friends in need of something new for their online chats.

    What you get

    You wake up on a cruise ship as the only passengers. Solve the puzzles to make your way through the ship and get yourself back on dry land!

    The game is at its best on desktop/laptop, has been optimised for mobile devices but will pretty much work any device as long as it comes with internet and a browser.

    It's all embedded on the site so no need to download anything except your preferred video conferencing software if that's how you're keeping in touch with your team (such as Zoom or Webex)

    Depending on your team's skill level and knack for solving puzzles, each escape room should provide 1-2 hours worth of fun! Some users have taken up to three hours to solve these rooms.

    The standard version of this room comes with the hints and tips for each puzzle built in. This means that if you get stuck, you’re always only one click away from getting some help! If you’re playing these games with multiple teams in a competitive environment, you may prefer to remove the hints to make it a level playing field so please opt for the more advanced version when booking.

    Within 24 hours of booking your lead person will be sent a link for the game which will have access to the relevant number of participants.

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      • Bookable from anywhere with an internet connection

      Cancellation Policy

      There is no return, refund or cancellation possible with this product


      available daily from 8:00 to 23:00

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      1 day


      • Prices from £40.00 / group

      Product description

      Assemble your team, and make your way through this virtual escape room which requires solving puzzles in order to escape. You'll need to work together using either video chat, text message group or gathered round the same screen.

      This online escape room uses text, pictures and videos as clues to help you solve the puzzles. It's definitely not a boring, linear, read and click game though - these puzzles are tough and you have to navigate back and forth through the rooms to find the right clues to solve the puzzles and get you to the next section.

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      • Wi-Fi

      • Must be aged 18 or over

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