Immersive Group Experiences

Immersive Group Experiences

Some amazing immersive experiences for your group to enjoy. Explore different worlds and discover together.

10 feb 2020, 15:45:43

‌1. Try a television or movie themed immersive cocktail experience, where you could be creating and cooking your very own cocktails to the backdrop of gangster rap tracks or classic movie films. You could be a Breaking Bad fan you may feel particularly nostalgic if you were taken to an RV located in a warehouse and kitted out in your very own yellow jumpsuit and goggles.

2. Look for a themed boat and board a real ship docked on the water, dress up like a pirate and attempt to steal hidden treasure. Colleagues? Friends? Buccaneers? Whoever has the sea legs and a taste for pirate adventures will love this kind of immersive cocktail experience.
3. A wonderful mix of interactive cocktail experiences and code breaking will make you will feel like an Enigma code cracker. Slip into an army-style uniform to wear and get given a unique code name to use throughout the experience. Use enigma machines, crack codes like a pro and radio-in your answers!

4. Look for an experience idea for cool people and sensational venue: perhaps in a refurbished London Tube train combined with a mouthwatering menu? Delicious food prepared by a rotation of professional, exciting chefs to your plate whilst you enjoy socialising to a backdrop of live musicians, all the ingredients for a good night.

5. Travel back in time and experience a by-gone era, it will make a perfect corporate group activity. Nothing is as bonding as helping your colleagues in an immersive experience whilst enjoying cocktails or food.

6. Step into another world with a virtual reality arcade and enter an antidote to the chaos of urban living. Combine amazing cocktails, great food with unforgettable VR experiences. Fight a zombie apocalypse deep in Arizona, go on adventures with a tiny mouse or blow up robots with laser cannons - you choose.

7. Have you considered a themed cocktail bar experience that catapults you right back to an 1890s style Wild West Saloon or perhaps you would love to pretend to break into a prison before enjoying some prohibition cocktails? There are many themed cocktail bars out there to try.

8. Step inside a futuristic existence for a night of science fiction cocktails. Take part in fun role-play activities and see the future of bars and cocktails.

9. Immerse yourself in one of the greatest stories of the 20th Century as you step back in time inside 1920's and the Great Gatsby. Infamous parties and that’s not an invite you want to turn down.
10. Combine unfrogettable immersive murder mystery experience with a wonderful dining. Everyone loves a murder mystery, especially whilst enjoying great food and drinks. Who committed the murder? You need to solve the riddles and find the culprit.

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