A beginner's guide to Segway activities

A beginner's guide to Segway activities

It often seems that Segway's are the transport of the future, but if you are more used to four wheels don't fall flat on your face and read our FAQs on Segway activities

25 gen 2022, 17:48:28

What is a Segway and how does it work?

Segway is a two-wheeled, self-balancing personal vehicle which was invented by Segway inc. Electric motors and gyroscopes are able to move the wheels at varying speeds. If the vehicle is tilted forward, the motors in both wheels move forwards to prevent toppling over. If the vehicle is tilted backwards, the motors move the wheels backwards.
Where can you experience a Segway?

There are two main ways to ride a Segway, either at a specially designed course in some woodland or park where you will have an adventure and how to move this great machine, or to experience a tour of a city using a Segway, seeing the sights in a new way!
What kinds of events are Segway activities good for?

Segways are great fun, and a unique way of travelling, so ideal for active occasions such as team building, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and Staycations or holidays.

How much does a Segway activity cost?

Most segway tours will be priced on the actual tour selected and expect to be charged per person for the duration of the tour. For an actual Segway lesson, you could be charged as a group for a set duration, or based on the number of people.
What are the benefits of Segway activities?

Riding a Segway is challenging and a great deal of fun. Your team will be entertained as well as experiencing something completely new. Due to the experience being so unique it means everyone can get involved and not be too worried about anyone having previous experience.
Is it safe to ride a Segway?

Segways are safe when ridden properly, so please listen to your instructor. Always follow the safety guidelines provided and ensure you are wearing the correct equipment.

What equipment be provided for Segway activities?

For a Segway activity you should expect to be provided with knee and shin pads, elbow pads, and a helmet, but please check the product details for more information.
Is it hard to drive a Segway?

No, a Segway is very easy to ride. It is designed to easily transport you distances that may be too too far to walk but too short to drive. Just listen to your instructor and follow the guidance.
What do you wear to a Segway activity?

Dress in comfortable, casual clothes and it recommended to avoid wearing loose, dangling clothing (including scarves, skirts and dresses that may billow, long necklaces, etc.). Waterproofs are recommended in rainy conditions, it is also highly likely your clothes will get dirty during some Segway activities so please take this into consideration when choosing your attire. Wear flat, closed-toed/backed shoes (flip-flops are NOT recommended).
Are there any restrictions to ride a Segway?

There will be age, height and weight restrictions so please check the product details. Consider if anyone in your groups has an injury, condition or is pregnant.

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