A beginner's guide to whisky tasting experiences

A beginner's guide to whisky tasting experiences

Is it whisky or whiskey? If you are one of those people who don't know the difference our editor's whisky tasting FAQs could be perfect for you

16 set 2021, 13:20:15

What is a whisky tasting experience and what does it involved?

A whisky tasting experience is where a whisky expert will provide a tutorial on how to taste whisky, learn more about how whisky is made, the types of whiskies, how to pair with certain foods, and help you buy the right whisky for any occasion.
Where can you have a whisky tasting experience?

A whisky tasting experience could be held in most venues from wine bars, distilleries, pubs, restaurants, and private dining rooms, and even your home or office. Today you can also have whisky tasting experiences hosted online virtually.
Is whisky tasting equipment provided during a whisky tasting experience?

Most whisky tasting experiences will not only provide whisky, but also glassware, whisky tasting notes, and some visual equipment. Some whisky tasting experiences that are delivered to your address may require you to provide glassware.

How many whiskies will I taste during a whisky tasting experience?

How many whiskies you will taste will depend on the venue and the experience. Generally, expect to taste around 3-4 different whiskies during the session, but check the product details. Some whisky tasting experiences will show you a range of whiskies from around the world. You should expect to taste different styles of whiskies from around the World including Scotland, Ireland, USA, and Japan.
How much does a whisky tasting experience cost?

The price of a whisky tasting experience will depend on the number of attendees, number of whiskies to taste and the quality of the whiskies. Expect additional costs for delivery if held at your venue, or a charge for the hire of a room.
Will food and drink be available during a whisky tasting experience?

Generally, no unless stated in the experience notes but water may be provided. Some whisky tasting experiences will include food or snacks as part of the experience such as savoury food which can be combined with whisky.

How old do you have to be to attend a whisky tasting experience?

The age you are allowed to attend a whisky tasting experience will depend on the location of the experience, which in most countries is between 16 and 21 years of age.
Why is whisky spelled differently?

'Whisky' derives from the Gaelic term which translates as 'water of life' and has been used to differentiate between Scottish Whisky, and Irish Whiskey. Whiskey is often used in the USA, whereas in Japan; whisky is often used.
What kinds of events are whisky tasting experiences good for?

A whisky tasting experience is a perfect activity for many kinds of events such as team building, anniversaries, company parties, product launches, birthdays, and bachelor parties. Basically, any celebration! You can even use whisky tasting as an ice breaker for business meetings and corporate networking events.
Can you buy whisky during a whisky tasting experience?

Some whisky tasting experiences in venues such as distilleries will encourage you to buy the whiskies you have tasted and enjoyed during the experience, with other whisky tasting experiences it will depend on the host for the day and if there are whiskies to purchase.

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