Five great ideas for planning a late corporate party

Five great ideas for planning a late corporate party

Are you late to planning your corporate party? Don’t worry – these five ideas that will help in planning your event

22 mar 2019, 10:13:42

Among the many things on your list, planning the corporate party just got pushed lower and lower – and now there’s only a couple weeks left. Don’t panic. There’s still time for you to create something fabulous without your event guests knowing how busy you were. Read through and find out five quick ideas for planning a corporate party at the last moment.

1. Find a date and time

The sooner the date for the corporate event is set, the faster you can get to planning it. Find a date, get the date agreed and move on the event planning stage.

2. Think budget

Having a budget gives you helpful parameters to work in, ensuring that you don’t over spend during the planning and booking stages. Ask your manager how much should be set aside for your corporate party so that you can stay within that price range.

3. Make a list

Lists are perfect for thorough logistical planning. Having a complete list of all the things you will need to help you put things into perspective. If you have a social committee – even better. Decrease your workload and delegate tasks such as finding a venue, deciding a theme, booking transportation, ordering decorations aswell as food and drinks.

4. Feed your guests

Whether the venue you’ve chosen is a bar, restaurant, or party venue, make sure that it caters for all tastes and dietary restrictions. Have a buffet of finger food or delicious canapes at the ready so you won’t have to worry about your guests going hungry. Have vegan and vegetarian options available for those non-meat-eating guests.

5. Provide entertainment

Hiring a DJ so that the music flows through the sound system is sure to keep co-workers entranced and dancing to the beat. Consider fun party rentals such as video games, poker tables or a burlesque show. Entertainment can bring guests closer together as they share in the enjoyment and excitement.

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