How can you improve your business meeting?

How can you improve your business meeting?

Now we are all regularly having face to face meeting, after months of working remotely the next challenge is to how you can make your meetings more fun and stand out from the crowd

27 ott 2022, 14:49:38

By Simon Nichols

1. Consider a desktop escape game

Why create a challenge during your next meeting? Take a break from the business debates, and step into a new challenge where you must work together to solve the clues and crack the codes to the open the box. These fantastic gaming boxes can be delivered to your workplace and picked up later the same day – perfect.

2. Create a Foosball table tournament

Foosball is a classic table game bringing the fun of football into your office. Hire a table for a day which will allow your team to take a break from the meeting and challenge each other to a game or two. Our CEO bought one for the office only for us to discover he was by far the best player in the workplace, so that’s why he bought it!
3. Up your business meeting catering requirement

The days of boring sandwiches for meetings is now a thing of the past. There are now top restaurants or street food vendors who will supply amazing flavours from around the World. Perhaps supply your next meeting with sushi, burritos, summer rolls, or the best fresh Italian pasta in a range of sauces.
4. Book a VR experience

Escape from your business meeting and step into a virtual reality world. There are now kits which can be delivered to your workplace allowing your team to experience a range of virtual worlds and challenges. The ideal way to make your meeting memorable.

5. Break the tension with dance...

If you are worried your meeting could be potentially stale or tense, perhaps you should consider starting with a dance ice breaker. A trained dance instructor will warm everyone up with some simple moves, but don’t worry you won’t have to put on a show at the end! The idea is to break down barriers and remove any tension.
6. Go the next level with a private wine tasting session

A session with a wine tasting expert is the perfect end to your business meeting; meaning your team will not only have a treat but also to have something to look forward to. A trained professional will provide all the wine and tasting notes (you may need to provide wine glasses) and educate your team on how to taste and enjoy wine. You can also consider providing some food to pair with the wines provided.
7. Hire your own personal barista

Instant coffee for a business meeting? No. Filter coffee made in the morning and stored in flasks throughout the day? Perhaps not. Send someone out to the local coffee shop? Not really scalable, and it can get messy with large orders – “hey I wanted a mocha skinny latte with oat milk and you got me a mocha skinny latte with soya milk!”. Why not hire a professional barista to attend your business meeting and provide amazing coffee made right in front of your eyes

8. Get everyone to take a deep breath

Breathing is vital to not only for living (!) but also supporting your work and general day to day existence, but you may be surprised to many people could improve how they use their breathing – for instance inhaling through your nose rather than your mouth. These benefits will improve not only your business life but also improve both physical and mental health.
9. Go big or go home

Capture the attention of your meeting attendees by hiring a Giant Tablet or two. Designed like a giant mobile device your team will be able to test any new products you have, test web developments, or simply play games on big screens. Delivered to your workplace, and picked up at your desired time, perfect.
10. Challenge participants to a meeting room scavenger hunt

There has been a big trend in scavenger hunts in recent years as mobile devices improved, but covid-19 saw a big increase in the number of indoor scavenger hunts games, especially those designed for corporate teams. Games can be created by providing questions based on your team and your location. An ideal way to take a break from the meeting and have some fun, you can even include remote workers.

Simon Nichols

Head of Partnerships at Evendo

About Simon, he has a background in the London events and hospitality market going back over 20 years. Simon has in an in-depth knowledge of the events market and currently heads up all supplier partnerships at Evendo.

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