How to plan a successful stress-free bachelorette party

How to plan a successful stress-free bachelorette party

As fun as planning a hen party for your BFF is, it can also be stressful, which is which we’ve compiled a list of things to consider to plan a successful stress-free hen party.

21 mar 2019, 12:26:01

So, your best friend is getting married and you’ve been put in charge of organizing an unforgettable bachelorette party for her. Hopefully this will be her one and only bachelorette party, so how do you make sure that you have everything you will need to make her party a wild success? Planning a party for your Best Friend can be fun, but it can also be stressful, which is which we’ve compiled a list of things to consider to plan a successful stress-free bachelorette party.

Pick a date

As with all planned parties, deciding on when is very important. As much as you’re planning to keep as many details of the bachelorette party from the future bride as possible, it might be a good idea to discuss with her when she would like her party to be. Typically, 4-6 weeks is a good amount of time before the wedding to have a bachelorette party. It allows for wedding and bachelorette party guests to save up financially in between both major events.

Find out who is invited

You can’t successfully plan a bachelorette party if you don’t know who will be turning up. Think up all the people that your best friend knows and loves. Break it up into categories, such as: Friends/friends of friends, colleagues, family, and distant relatives. Then decide, with the future bride, who to actually invite. Once you’ve done this, create a group chat so everyone can be notified and updated together.

Understand who the guests are

Remember that the guests at the bachelorette party will be from all walks of life. There may be mature ladies, pregnant ladies, young mother type ladies, and some with low finances. So, when thinking of the planned activities ahead, make sure that it is accessible to everyone. The day is about the bride and making sure she is well looked after and having the time of her life, but her guests should also be looked after too. Try and make sure that no one is left out and people are mingling.


Think of the budget when determining how big or small the bachelorette party will be. Will it be celebrated abroad, or somewhere local? What activities will you include? How much will you need for each person on food and drinks? Will it be a one-night celebration or a weekend long? How much is transport? Once you uncover the cost per person, send everyone a breakdown of the costs, and ask them to pay upfront. It’s no secret that the wedding period can be very costly for guests, with this in mind, try and keep the budget as reasonable as possible when planning the bachelorette party.

Plan your activities

Brides just want to have fun, and so do her party guests. Before you start putting a plan into action, discuss with the bride and find out how she wants the day to be. As her chosen party planner, you should know her best. Popular ideas for bachelorette parties are cabaret, comedy clubs, party buses, or you can try something different like go-kart racing, gin tasting, karaoke, afternoon tea, spa day, candy making class, and so much more. But don’t make the itinerary too busy, otherwise everyone will be too tired to have fun!

Encourage bonding

Not everyone at the bachelorette party will know each other or be best friends. This is why party ice-breaker games are perfect for getting everyone to loosen up. There are games like truth or dare, banned words, and prosecco ping pong. A more thoughtful idea that has the bride in mind is getting the guests to bring in a picture of themselves with the bride and share a memory. These are great ways for guests to feel more at ease with each other, whilst remember what brought them all together in the first place.

Have fun

Most of all, keep things light, enjoy the moment, and have fun.

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