The Ultimate Christmas Party checklist

The Ultimate Christmas Party checklist

You may have booked a venue, organized a DJ, and hired a caterer, but what are those final tasks you need to complete to ensure your Christmas party is a huge success? Our editorial team have delved into their party organizer contacts and come back with their top 10 things to reminder before the big event

8 nov 2021, 17:13:28

‌1. Get the invites out in good time
You can’t have a Christmas party if no one turns up! Make sure you send out the invites in good time and ensure there is enough time for your guests to reply and confirm their attendance. Invites should have clear instructions on the venue, times, dress code and any information you require before the event.

2. Collect the dietary information
With the increase in dietary intolerance, it is vital that you as the party organizer provide a clear and easy way for guests to provide this information to be presented to the caterers of the event. Key dietary concerns include soya, dairy, wheat, eggs, shellfish, and nuts; as well as any religious dietary requirements such Halal or Kosher.
3. Select the best Christmas music
By this point you may have booked a band or a DJ (if not have a look at the Evendo collection of party entertainers!), but you’ll need to provide them with a list of any songs or genre of music before the event. Perhaps poll your guests for their top Christmas songs? Is the Fairytale of New York a Christmas song? Oh yes!
4. Organize the transport
Once the venue is organized, you’ll need to consider how your guests will be arriving to the party. Will the party be in your office? Is there public transport? Will you be providing transport, and did you budget for it? Perhaps you could provide contact details for local taxi companies?
5. Christmas party drinks vouchers
If the company is providing drinks for the evening you may need to provide drinks vouchers to your guests. A free bar is great, but many guests may take total advantage, drink too much and ruin the festive fun! My providing drinks vouchers for each guest you have an easier way of controlling not only the drinking habits of your guests but also the budget.

6. End of year prizes
A Christmas party is a great opportunity to give end of year prizes to employees for work achievements and hard work. Are prizes in the budget? Who will purchase the prizes and what are the prize categories? Perhaps poll employees for ideas, which will double as a great reminder of the actual event.
7. Take the opportunity to provide some speeches
The Christmas party can also double as an end of year occasion, and a chance to speak to all the employees before the year is out. Discuss with management about who would like to give a speech, and the topic to be covered. Consider where in the evening it would be held (not too late in case people are in the party mood!), and where in the venue would be good.

8. Announce the dress code
The Christmas party is a huge occasion for many employees and a true excuse to get dressed up! If you have a theme or a dress code, please ensure all guests are aware in time for the event so they can organize their outfit.
9. Find Santa’s Little Helpers
If you are joining a huge organized and fully staffed event, this may not be a concern but if not read on. Many smaller Christmas parties are reliant on volunteer employees getting involved. You may need staff to set up the decorations, test the communications and power, greet caterers, and assist in organizing transport from the venue.
10. Don’t forget the remote workers!
With so many employees working remotely it can be easy to leave them out. Will they be invited and will travel, and accommodation be required? Employees that live a great distance from the venue may desire to log in to the event via video conferencing, or perhaps you can have food delivered to their home for their own party!

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