What are some of the best equipment you can hire for a Christmas party?

What are some of the best equipment you can hire for a Christmas party?

If you are organizing your Christmas party, here are some of the best party rentals to ensure your event is a success

16 nov 2022, 15:49:41

By Simon Nichols

1. Vodka Luge

A Vodka Luge is an ice sculpture that allows vodka shots to be poured through a carved channel can the participants get to drink from the bottom! A great centre piece for any party, and there are so many option that can be selected from including a ski jump, 007 pistol, or champagne bottle.

2. Espresso Martinis Stand

Make sure your party people are not only in the party mood but also boosted with caffeine! An espresso Martini stand is an ideal way of getting the party started. Look for a supplier who will provide a themed or stylish stand to greet your guests on arrival with freshly made cocktails and put everyone in the Christmas mood.
3. Craft Beer Keg

With the rise of craft beer revolution has led to more party refreshment options! Many craft breweries will be willing to delivery and supply a live keg to your party or venue. This can be a great option if either the venue options are not sufficient, or you are supplying all the food and drink. It can become a talking point for the party and employees will enjoy pouring their own pints.
4. DJ Equipment

If you are hosting your own party either at your workplace or an external venue, don’t forget that not only do you need music, but you may also have budding DJs within your organization. You can hire DJ equipment for the evening, and all you need is the music and the skills!

5. Silent Disco

If there is too much debate about the music for your party, you could consider hiring a range of silent disco headphones. Party people can select which channel to listen to have and have their own party! 80’s pop? No problem. Disco? House music? No problem. You could even have acid house on one channel and power ballads on the other – amazing!

6. Chocolate Fountain

If you are looking for something sweet, why not book a chocolate fountain? Hot chocolate is pumped around the fountain allowing your guests to dip fresh fruit and savoury treats into the chocolate via long sticks. This is another great party talking piece and will create great memories for the photographer.
7. Electric Dancefloor

Turn your meeting room or party venue into a 1970’s nightclub by hiring an electric dance floor. Delivered and installed by an expert supplier, once the music starts the floor will be lit up in coloured lights and your team will think they are in a Kylie Minogue music video.

8. Karaoke Machine

With karaoke there are two main options. You can have a separate room at your venue or workplace turned into a specific karaoke room, have a dedicated time of the party set aside for karaoke. The machine and microphones will be supplied with a range of party or Christmas classics for everyone to enjoy, or perhaps destroy 😊
9. Smoke Machine

Sometimes also called a fog machine, a smoke machine is a piece of party equipment that emits a dense vapor that appears like fog or smoke and allows people to dance and boogie like they are in a 1980’s nightclub. A smoke machine will add something extra to your party and make everyone feel special.
10. Photo Booth

Capture great memories from your Christmas party by hiring a photobooth in addition or instead of a professional photobooth. Photobooths come in various styles, sizes and colours and often have themed accessorizes like festive glasses, Christmas hats, Santa Clause beards, and elf ears. Images can be printed on the spot or emailed to the team at a future date.

Simon Nichols

Head of Partnerships at Evendo

About Simon, he has a background in the London events and hospitality market going back over 20 years. Simon has in an in-depth knowledge of the events market and currently heads up all supplier partnerships at Evendo.

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