What are the best tour ideas for team bonding?

What are the best tour ideas for team bonding?

If you think tours are just for tourists, think again! There are so many tours that are great for team bonding, so read on and get inspired

24 gen 2022, 17:30:24

Get down with an urban art experience
Going to many art galleries and museums can be seen as being dull, and often you must share the experience with members of the public. Street art is the opposite, as a group you will walk the streets in the open air whilst being educated by an expert in graffiti. You can discuss the art you see, and discover parts of the city you may have walked past many times.

Discover local food markets
Visiting a food market is perfect for a session of team bonding. A local expert will guide you around the best food in the market, talking to the stall holders and giving you the chance to taste the delights on offer. As a group you can talk about the amazing food and build memories about the experience.
Be cool and quirky
Look for a tour of your nearest city that is a little bit different. Perhaps a tour of toilets? A tour of ice cream parlours? A silent disco tour? You could discover a LGBQT area and help support the community. Look for a truly unique experience and create great memories for years to come!

Party about town
OK so perhaps the tour part is secondary, but party buses are a great way of bonding as a team. You’ll be transported around the city in a high-tech bus whilst music is pumped out of the speakers. You’ll see the city fly past as you party and be the envy of the commuters on their way home from work!

Create spirit with a distillery tour
In the past distilleries were closed to the public, and how the spirit was produced was a mystery. Now many distilleries have seen the benefit of giving tours and allowing people to learn more about the process. From small boutique gin distilleries in the city to traditional whisky distilleries in rural areas, you team will love a taste of what is produced and how they make the flavours.

Tour the sights in a cool vehicle
As a tourist you may love to sit upstairs in an open top bus and hear all about the sights as you travel the city, but what about if you live and work in the same city? Perhaps you want something new and cool? In many cities you can now tour the streets in Trabants (Berlin), Go Karts (Tokyo), Mini Metros (London) or a classic convertible in New York.

Visit a brewery 
Learning about beer is a great way to bond with your team. Visit a brewery and learn how beer is made from an expert brewer, and then get to taste the amazing brews they create. The team will be relaxed, educated and have the opportunity to create some great memories to share.

Go on a scavenger hunt
Turn your tour of the city into a team building session with a scavenger or treasure hunt. Discover hidden secrets, solve tricky puzzles and work as a team to finish the race. Great fun, challenging and will ensure your team improve their communication skills.

Educate with eco tourism
The environment is now such an important part of every person’s life and ensuring the health of the planet for future generations is vital for every business. Take your team away from the office, turn off lights, shut down the computers, and educate your team on how they can change lifestyle to benefit the planet. Education, empowering, and very ethical for all businesses.
Bond on a horror tour
Being scared together is a wonderful way of creating a team bond, perhaps visit a collection of haunted houses, attend a tour of famous murders, or go on a ghost hunt. The horrors your team share will create a great bond moving forward, although they may not want to ever talk about it!

Simon Nichols

Simon Nichols, Head of Partnerships at Evendo

About Simon, he has a background in the London events and hospitality market going back over 20 years. Simon has in an in-depth knowledge of the events market and currently heads up all supplier partnerships at Evendo.

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