What foods can keep your event participants focused?

What foods can keep your event participants focused?

If you are looking for ways to keep your guests focused on the event, here are some great foods to help you

18 giu 2021, 15:18:41

We need vitamins and minerals to keep both body and brain working correctly - especially when we have been working for many hours and the day is coming to an end. The body often tricks us into thinking that it is a quick fix in the form of sugar or soda that we need to get us through the last hours.

But when you are about to jump in for a sugar rush at your next event, reach out for these fruits or vegetables instead. They are guaranteed to boost your concentration, lift your spirits and give you the energy to get the most out of your event

Is full of beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the body - and vitamin A is absolutely essential for the eyes; especially if you sit in front of a computer screen or watching a video on a large projector.

A food that is important for blood circulation and makes your brain work fast. In addition, beetroot is great for the muscles so you can make the bike ride home.

Gives you a lot of vitamin C, and then the scent has a therapeutic effect, which makes you calm and in a pleasant mood. Thus, you can use orange a stress reliever.

Consists of 95% water and is therefore beneficial for those who may forget to get enough fluids during the day. In addition, cucumber soothes the craving for sweets, and then it also has a firming effect on the skin. If you need a power nap, you can lie down with a few slices of cucumber on your eyes.

Also contains a lot of beta carotene, and in addition they have a high content of lycopene, and regular intake of lycopene reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

A real happiness booster due to the high content of serotonin, which makes you comfortable and de-stressed. In addition, bananas are loaded with fiber, which is a gift for your digestion.

Berries are filled with anthocyanin, which protects the brain's neurons, which are closely linked to memory. And the good memory is needed when the important work tasks are pending

Apples are filled with catechins, which protect the brain from harmful chemicals. In addition, apples are known to boost the immune system.

Contains a lot of fiber, but also stabilizes your blood sugar so you do not get tired in the afternoon.

Fruit smoothie

A good, healthy and quick way to get lots of fruit and vegetables is to get your favorite ingredients in a fruit press then drink the juice fresh and cooled. If necessary, make the juice in the morning so that you can drink a glass in the afternoon when fatigue sets in.

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