Tour di un giorno alle rovine di Pompei da Roma

Tour di un giorno alle rovine di Pompei da Roma

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  • Viale Luigi Einaudi, Lazio, 00185, Italy

Trascorri una giornata indimenticabile con una vista panoramica di Napoli. Visita l'incredibile sito archeologico di Pompei. Cogli l'opportunità di visitare uno dei più importanti siti archeologici del mondo: Pompei. Potrai trascorrere una giornata immerso nella natura all'insegna della cultura. Goditi un tour panoramico di Napoli e raggiungi le spettrali rovine di Pompei, dove tutto sembra essersi fermato a quel fatidico giorno del 79 d.C., quando il vicino Vesuvio eruttò, ricoprendo la ricca città romana di letale cenere vulcanica. Pranza in un tipico ristorante italiano.


  • Pranzo

  • Pranzo con vera pizza napoletana e una bevanda incluso

  • Guida locale

  • Guida turistica professionale

  • Accompagnatore/ospite del tour

  • Prelievo dall'hotel (solo hotel selezionati), se viene scelta l'opzione

  • Garanzia di saltare le lunghe file

  • Veicolo con aria condizionata

  • Il tour è disponibile anche con audioguida multilingue in modo da poter girare liberamente; altrimenti la guida è di lingua inglese

  • Da novembre a marzo, l'audioguida è disponibile in italiano, francese, tedesco; dal lunedì al venerdì anche in portoghese, cinese, russo e giapponese

  • Da aprile a ottobre, l'audioguida è disponibile in italiano, francese, portoghese, cinese, russo e giapponese

  • Opzione più economica con il punto d'incontro e senza servizio di prelievo presso l'hotel

  • Ingresso - Pompeii Parco Archeologico

  • Garanzia saltafila

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  • Conducted in Italian, Inglese

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Viale Luigi Einaudi, 00185 Roma RM, Italy Traveler pickup is offered Departure Point: Your central hotel in Rome, hotels located inside the Aurelian Walls Meeting point address: Viale Luigi Einaudi in front of Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri near Metro line A - stop Repbblica - 30 mins before tour departure Dates: Every day Return point: Tour will end in Santa Maria degli Angeli e Martiri nearby metro Line A stop Repubblica

4.5(222 Recensioni)
Carolyn W()
16 set 2022

Fantastic day trip from Rome to Naples & Pompeii. Fantastic guides Rosella from Rome, Connie in Naples & Pompeii. Both very knowledgeable and informative. Comfortable bus with excellent driver. Great rest stops and delicious lunch included. Long day but definitely worth it

6 set 2022

Since I was a kid I always wanted to visit Pompeii and I had the chance recently and oh my, was an educational, emotive experience. The ruins themselves are just amazing, you can travel back in time and imagine what the were experiencing. The tour itself was very well organized, la bella Rosella, our tour guide from Rome, was so friendly, and passionate about history that everything she explained took another perspective. She took the time to talk to every person and offered tourist advice, and answer any question you may have. The tour guides in Napoli/Pompeii (one in Spanish and one in English) we're also very friendly and courteous. Our guide (Spanish) was like a book of Pompeii history talking to us and explain so many interesting details that it really makes a difference.

27 ago 2022

The agency got everything right as explained on the website and we have a nice trip; the site was amazing and our guide was knowledgeable and friendly

18 ago 2022

. Outside the gate, it took 15 minutes for us to be organised into groups, and even then my family had to figure out ourselves what group and radio frequency we were meant to be on as none of the organisers had informed us. We were delayed a further 20 minutes by the entrance gate to the pompeii site because the tour organiser had miscalculated the number of tickets needed, wasting a significant portion of our already limited time on the site 2. The tour guide took too much time on miniscule details of the site, such as bathroom areas or ways excess water was collected, rather than allowing us to look at more significant features of the site, such as collections of bones that we noticed on our own that he glossed over 3. He stopped everyone in the middle of the street under the glaring sun to talk about how days of the weeks were named, and other trivial facts that were unrelated to Pompeii, despite the fact we were on limited time 4. He took us to the scaffolding where part of the site was blocked off to look at the workers 5. He stopped us at the city Forum to look at a statue that was not even made during the roman times 6. We were told to meet back at the front gate at 4pm, and only at 3:50 did we enter the Pompeii Antiquariam (what I assumed would be the main highlight of the trip due to the casts and yet it was given so little time). 7. The tour guide was clearly aware of the limited time we had as I saw him check his phone, yet he still lead us to a small backroom to look at recovered small artifacts, rather than letting us explore freely. When I tried to make my way further into the area to look at artifacts myself (as I was excited to look at the casts made which were further down) he made a face at me and walked in front of me to stop me 8. By now it was nearing 4 and I and the other members of the English tour were becoming increasingly frustrated, and yet he still forced us to stop and look at a recovered oven, statue of a hare, and bowls to name a few 9. By the time we got to look at the casts it was past 4, and he rushed through showing the casts of those who died during the explosion, and I was unable to even see half of them due to the large crowd of people blocking the area. Note: I acknowledge that the tour guide was explaining these things because it was something he found interesting, but as someone who had been touring for many years he should've been aware of the fact that unlike for him, getting to visit pompeii is a once in a lifetime experience for us, and we therefore want to be able to see as much as possible, and especially the casts because that is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks pompeii, not the cutlery used 10. He then tried to lead us out of the antiquarium, and didn't leave us time to see the gift shop. When I asked if we could go, he told me I (a minor) could go while the rest of the group made their way back (abandoning me in a site I was unfamiliar with) 11. I became extremely anxious at the fact I was left behind and ran to the gift shop and rushed through selecting an item, then ran down the long road despite the heat in hopes of finding the rest of the group and was fearing they would leave for the coach without me (bear in mind I have a chronic heart condition and felt extremely ill afterward) 12. On coming out to the front gate, I realised that their was another gift shop right next to the point where the group met up. The tour guide was an expert of the area and would've known this and yet instead of informing me, he left me in the antiquarium where I had to rush and then find my way back alone 13. We arrived at the meeting point 25 minutes later than all the other groups , and were then rushed to the coach, despite the fact that many of the people on the tour wanted to look at the stalls in the area or buy a drink after we had walked in the heat for over 3 hours. 14. When we asked if we could go to buy a drink to the trip coordinator as we were all dehydrated , he refused (it would've only taken 5 minuted maximum) and forced us to go inside the coach because we were 'in a rush', despite the fact we ended up waiting in the coach for 15 minutes before leaving because some people were changing coaches 15. After we and a few others complained, he made an 'apology' to the English group if we felt rushed but took no accountability and instead blamed the tour guide, despite the fact he was responsible for messing up the number of tickets and organising the groups for the tour. 16. At the start of the trip, he told the group we would arrive back at 8pm, we ended up getting back at 7:20. The tour organiser began praising himself for this fact we had arrived early, despite the fact we were rushed the whole time, greatly reducing the enjoyment of our tour experience. He even went so far as to ask the people on the bus for tips for him and the bus driver due to their 'efficiency'. 17. When my mother came to him after everyone else had left the bus to complain as (even after 3 hours on the coach) our family was still deeply upset about the experience, he became very rude with her and got back into the coach and began to ignore her

15 ago 2022

The tour of Pompei was good and informative. The lunch was a bit meager. Don’t expect more than one beverage with the so so pizza! But the tour and bus ride were good

13 ago 2022

The tour was very efficiently run. Always on time and nobody was left behind. The two tour guides are excellent. Very knowledgeable and spoke good English. Highly recommended!

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  • Viale Luigi Einaudi, Lazio, 00185, Italy

  • via Caracciolo, Naples, Italy

  • Via Palazzo del Principe, Italy

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Si ferma a: Pompeii Parco Archeologico, Porta Marina (via Villa dei Misteri), 80045 Pompei Italia

Pompei fu un'antica città romana nei pressi della Napoli moderna nella regione Campania, nel territorio del comune di Pompei. Pompei, insieme a Ercolano e molte antiche cittadine dell'area circostante (come ad esempio Boscoreale e Stabia), fu in gran parte distrutta e sepolta sotto 4-6 m di cenere e pomice vulcanica durante l'eruzione del Vesuvio nel 79 d.C. La cenere vulcanica ha sepolto gli abitanti che non sono riusciti a fuggire gli effetti letali del terremoto e dell'eruzione.

Durata: 2 ore

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  • I bambini devono essere accompagnati da un adulto

  • È richiesto un abbigliamento smart casual

  • Sono disponibili un'opzione vegetariana e una per celiaci; se necessario, comunica tale richiesta al momento della prenotazione

  • Ad ogni viaggiatore sono consentiti al massimo 1 valigia e 1 bagaglio a mano. I bagagli troppo grandi o in eccesso (ad es. tavole da surf, mazze da golf o biciclette) potrebbero essere soggetti ad alcune limitazioni; si consiglia quindi di contattare l'operatore prima del viaggio per verificare se il bagaglio in eccesso verrà accettato

  • Il programma resta valido con tutte le condizioni meteorologiche; si consiglia di vestirsi adeguatamente

  • Tutti i tour operator utilizzano guide professioniste esperte che vengono fornite direttamente dal sito di Pompei: il nostro tour include cuffie per assicurarsi di non perdere neanche una parola!

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  • I viaggiatori devono avere una buona forma fisica

  • Questa esperienza avrà luogo solo in condizioni climatiche favorevoli. In caso di annullamento a causa di cattivo tempo, potrai scegliere tra un'altra data o il rimborso completo.

  • Per questa esperienza è richiesto un numero minimo di viaggiatori. In caso di annullamento per il mancato raggiungimento del numero minimo, potrai scegliere tra un'altra data/esperienza o il rimborso completo

  • Questo tour/questa attività non ammette più di 100 viaggiatori

  • Distanziamento sociale applicato durante l'esperienza

  • In Italia non è più richiesto il Green Pass (o certificazione equivalente). È obbligatorio indossare le mascherine FFP2 sui mezzi pubblici (treni, navi, traghetti, autobus e altri mezzi pubblici). Le mascherine sono ancora raccomandate in tutti i luoghi interni pubblici o aperti al pubblico.

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