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9 mar 2023

Völliger Schrott. Nur 4 Min allgemeine Information pro Ort. Kein inhaltlicher Wert. Computerspiele einer deutschen Übersetzung, die sich anhört wie eine Telefonansage, auf jeden Fall keine authentische deutsche Stimme.

Jakub J()
4 mar 2023

I bought this guide because I missed the free city tour and I wish I could take the money back. The guide is really short, like 25 minutes in total, but it is primarily really boring, with a lot of names and dates and no interesting history. Basically their are just shortly describing the museums and such, nothing that you would remember. Plus the prounciation of the narrator is horrible and really monotone, with all due respect. I recommend not buying this.

20 feb 2023

This was just a scam An indian lady reading from Wikipedia with such a terrible accent she was impossible to understand She also didn’t know how to read.. making long pauses in weird places Just a few seconds per location I want my money back!!!!

10 feb 2023

Tour con lo más básico de Verona. A falta de indicaciones o instrucciones en castellano en los monumentos, es una buena opción.

12 dic 2022

Difficile d'accéder aux explications. Je cherchais un tour guidé et ce n'était pas le cas. Voix monocorde limite désagréable et avec des fautes et même des mélanges de langues. Je suis très déçue.

Juraj P()
19 nov 2022

It’s a bot reading wikipedia articles. Just save your money and google the itinerary items. The good thing is that at least is saves you the hassle of finding the important sites.

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