Skip-the-line tickets and virtual guided tours for MO Museum in Vilnius

Skip-the-line tickets and virtual guided tours for MO Museum in Vilnius

Book the skip-the-line ticket to the MO Museum in Vilnius. Visit the modern art exhibitions with a private guide. Take the virtual tour.

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  • Trakų st., Vilniaus apskr., Lithuania


  • Kainos nuo 5 € / asmuo

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1 - 15 dalyvių

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In the fascinating context of modern architecture right in the center of Vilnius, you will find MO Museum - one of the best museums of contemporary and modern art in Eastern Europe. Book the ticket for one of the main exhibitions and take part in the virtual tour of the venue!

The display of the MO Museum is always diversified - the curators play with different visual arts, historical periods and subjects to create a one-of-a-kind offer that will leave no one indifferent. Choose the exhibition that suits your interests best:

Option A: Exhibition for children "Lake full of Stars": a unique interactive exhibition for children with specifically designed interactive spatial solutions that will encourage all sense's experience. Thanks to games, hands-on activations and different sensory experiences children will be able to know art and make nurturing connections with culture;

Option B: Main exhibition "Celebrate for change":the photography exhibition focused on the theme of celebration and how it can become a way of resistance to restrictive political systems, social structures and cultural norms; you will see the works of Lithuanian photographers and contemporary artists of various generations, complemented by documentary material on subcultures: from hippies to current youth movements;

Option C: Virtual exhibition and guided tour "A Difficult Age. Szapocznikow – Wajda – Wróblewski":the largest and most ambitious MO Museum project to date, involving 120 from 5 different countries; presents the work of Poland’s most prominent and widely acclaimed post-war artists: film director Andrzej Wajda, conceptual sculptor Alina Szapocznikow, and painter Andrzej Wróblewski and the impact of their adolescent memories as well as the brutal experience of the Second World War on their art.The virtual tour will take place on the ZOOM platform and will be navigated by a MO guide;

Option D: Virtual guided tour of the exhibition "Why is it hard to love?": curated by Dutch multimedia artist Saskia Boddeke and one of the most distinctly original and important film directors of our time, Peter Greenaway. The authors present site-specific immersive installations in relation to the highlights of Lithuanian contemporary art from the MO Museum and other collections. The virtual tour will take place on the ZOOM platform and will be navigated by a MO guide;

Option E: Virtual guided tour of the exhibition "The origin of species: 1990s DNA":this exhibition will uncover the conflicting mood of society, the euphoric nature of new beginnings, and the complexity of change in the first decade of independence from the USSR. A glimpse at art, culture and Lithuanians themselves, bundled with stories of everyday life: music, fashion, a market economy, a newly born mafia and pop culture will find themselves reflected in the artworks of the MO collection. The virtual tour will take place on the ZOOM platform and will be navigated by a MO guide

Option F: Visual thinking strategy "What is happening in this picture?": take part in the education activity based on a universal system of questions developed by psychologist Abigail Housen and educator Philip Yenawoine. The participants are invited to take a long look at the artwork, without prejudice or preconceived notions. The activity is based on an active dialogue between the mediators and participants and it is designated to the age range of the participants, so everyone is welcome. The sessions can take place in the exhibition at MO as well as online.

Ką tu gavai

  • Visit the modern art museum designed by Daniel Libeskind and awarded for the Portimão Museum Prize as the most welcoming and friendly museum in Europe in 2020
  • Choose the exhibition that suits most your interests
  • Get the most of the visit thanks to the audioguide commentary
  • Explore the inspiring exhibitions without leaving your home


  • Audioguide in English

  • Access to the MO shop and MO Bistro

  • Access to the reading room

  • Access to the Sculpture Garden

  • Other activities organized by the museum (please visit the museum's webpage to consult the schedule)

Svarbi informacija

  • This tour is wheelchair accessible

  • Please, keep in mind that because of COVID reasons the daily limitation of visitors to the museum is 570

  • The virtual tours will take place on the ZOOM platform, as they are digital experiences to have from home. You will receive the ZOOM link via email after the purchase. Please, leave your email address at checkout

  • Keep in mind that the exhibition "Lake full of stars" will be displayed until November 7th

  • You can visit the exhibition "Celebrate for change" from September 4th until February 27th, 2022

  • If you are entitled to a reduced ticket, please choose the "Reduced" option at checkout

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Please, show the voucher to the museum representative at the entrance.

  • Kainos nuo5 € / asmuo

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