Book Now, Pay Later

Welcome to the hassle-free world of "Book Now, Pay Later"

– the perfect way to ensure you never miss out on the experiences you love!


Flexibility in Planning: "Book Now, Pay Later" allows you to secure your booking without immediate payment. This flexibility is especially beneficial when you want to lock in your spot for a popular activity or accommodation but may still be finalizing your travel plans.

No Upfront Payment: One of the primary benefits is that there's no need to make an upfront payment at the time of booking. This can be particularly useful when budgeting for a trip or when you want to reserve multiple activities without paying for all of them at once.

Secure Your Spot in Advance: You can reserve your spot for a desired experience, tour, or accommodation without worrying about it selling out. This is advantageous for popular attractions or events where availability may be limited.

Easy Booking Process: The booking process is simplified and convenient. You can quickly secure your reservation without the immediate financial commitment, making it a user-friendly option for travelers.

Cancellation Flexibility: "Book Now, Pay Later" often comes with the ability to cancel or modify your reservation without incurring fees or penalties up to a certain point. This flexibility is valuable if your plans change or if unforeseen circumstances arise.

Payment at a Later Date: Payment is typically deferred until a specified date or event, such as the start of a no-refund cancellation period. This gives you time to finalize your travel arrangements and budget accordingly.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have secured your booking and can adjust or cancel it without immediate financial consequences provides peace of mind. It allows you to plan your trip with greater confidence.

Here's the lowdown on how it works:



Find it

Dive into the world of Evendo and discover the perfect product for you. If you're teetering on the edge of excitement but need a bit more time, go ahead and reserve your spot. It's like saving your place in line for all the fun!




Book it

Found something that sparks joy? Book it right away – and guess what? There's no charge when you make the booking. It's your ticket to anticipation without the commitment. When the no-refund cancellation period approaches, we'll smoothly process your payment and confirm your booking with the supplier. No stress, no fuss – we've got it covered!




Enjoy it

Boom, you're all set! Evendo will promptly send over your entry vouchers, and you're ready to dive into an unforgettable experience. We're crossing our fingers for a fantastic time on your end!



Frequently Asked Questions 

Is 'Book Now, Pay Later' available for all or most products on your website?
Absolutely! Most products are on board. Just make sure you lock in your booking before the no-refund cancellation period kicks in.

What is a no-refund cancellation period?
Great question! Until the no-refund cancellation period starts (usually 1 to 7 days before your big day), you can cancel and get a 100% refund. Peek at your product's policy for the nitty-gritty details.

Will I be charged when I make the booking?
Nope, not a dime! Making the reservation is like putting a bookmark in your adventure book – the real magic happens later.

When will I be charged?
Get ready for the autopilot moment! Your full amount will be charged automatically when the no-refund cancellation period kicks in. We'll shout it out loud and clear when you're booking.

Can I cancel or amend this booking?
Absolutely! Feel free to dance to the rhythm of your plans. Cancel or tweak your booking without breaking a sweat before we hit the payment button.

Will I receive my entry voucher upon booking or only at the time of payment?
The moment your payment is done, your entry vouchers are on their way to your inbox. Easy peasy!

Are there any fees for using Book Now, Pay Later?
Nada! It's all on the house – no hidden costs, just good vibes.

Can I use a discount voucher with Book Now, Pay Later?
Heck yes! Your discount voucher is like a VIP pass. Feel free to flash it – 'Book Now, Pay Later' won't rain on your discount parade. Enjoy the extra savings!