Online Instinctive Guided Meditation
Online Instinctive Guided Meditation
Online Instinctive Guided Meditation

Remote Team Wellness

Online Instinctive Guided Meditation

Provide your team with a session of virtual wellness and invest in their long term health and productivity

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As more and more office environments shift to fully-remote teams and flexible working corporate wellness activities are taking center stage.

By offering wellness sessions, you can help foster stronger connections among staff and ensure loyalty by investing in employees’ health and wellness, whilst seeing improved productivity and job satisfaction. But there is so much more than statistical analysis when it comes to the happiness of your staff.

There is an intangible factor that builds better teams and helps boost your company’s status.

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Guided group meditation is such a lovely way to connect and to share a meaningful experience with collegues no matter where you are all based. Thousands of studies have shown that meditation can positively impact both mental and physical health. Whether your goal is reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing focus, or improving relationships, research shows that mindfulness works. 

“Instinctive” meditation means that it’s natural and our bodies are wired to do it easily and efficiently. All we need to do is set up the right conditions and our bodies will eagerly cooperate. 

In this introductory guided group session, you will learn some quick-hitting skills, practice them, and get feedback. Then, enjoy a longer guided meditation using those skills. 

You’ll be able to walk away knowing how to incorporate these tools in your daily life right away so you can meditate on your own, even if you have a racing mind and little spare time.

You'll be sent a link for each member of your group 30 minutes prior to your chosen start time so they can all can hang out and catch up before settling into your practice. 

This experience is held on Zoom unless you have requirement for an additional video conferencing where you have an account and can host the instructor.

From there, your instructor will lead you through an hour-long class that’s appropriate for all levels. The virtual space will remain open afterward for another 30 minutes and you are, of course, welcome to remain on or exit as you wish.

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