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Virtual Agents
Virtual Agents

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Virtual Agents

A large scale escape game designed for different teams to play at the same time from anywhere in the world using remote access. You can now get a feel of what can be achieved alone, and yet together with your friends.

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  • Singapore, Singapore

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Od 2 h

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2 - 50 Uczestnicy

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This is an opportunity to meet friends and colleagues online and play a fun and exciting escape game together no matter where you are based.

You will have a dedicated host and facilitators for each team using Zoom and interactive whiteboards to really make it a team-challenge

Learn how to be comfortable using Zoom for video conferencing and a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming and collaboration, all while playing a fun game in the comfort of your home or office.

The COVID19 pandemic may change the place we work and the way we collaborate forever.

Activities and puzzles are designed to engage the whole group, and adapted to identify individual strengths; where working together is the key to success.

Develop team effectiveness, communication, problem solving, relationship management, and leadership, as well as boosting motivation and team bonding. 

Co dostałeś

This event will start with a welcome message from your host, where you'll be split into competing teams.

All you'll need a computer and stable broadband, but you'll get a chance to resolve any connection issues before the challenges and fun begins.

Get energized with a quick team energizer, before the game briefing and the action starts.

At the end of the session you'll also have a de-briefing from your host.

Your host for the online event will facilitate via Zoom chat during the experience, and each participant will have access to a public virtual whiteboard as well as a individual team whiteboard.

Each team will have a facilitator who will provide hints, tips, and observe from a far. 

This is the story...

Joey Gonoki is a biotechnology scientist working on a vaccine for Covid-19. The bureau has been receiving daily progress reports on his research, but all communications have ceased since a week ago.

An automated email from his server informed us that he suspects someone was after his research. With only a website link as the clue, we need all the help we can get to figure out the code to access his research, before they are auto-deleted from the server. Hurry!

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  • Wi-Fi

  • Video Conferencing

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5 dni

Dostawca Evendo

Dostarczone przezThinkout Events

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