10 great food and drink activities for team building

10 great food and drink activities for team building

If you are looking for help finding the right food and drink activity for your event, here is our top 10 food and drink activities for team building

Mar 1, 2022, 4:55:30 PM

By Simon Nichols

Food and drink activities are a great source of team building ideas, but what are the right food and drink activities for your event? Here's our top 10 ideas.

1. Baking Class      

Baking has seen a boom in recent years with popular TV shows such as “Great British Bake Off” and “The Great American Baking Show” as styles of baking and methods are beamed direct into millions of people’s homes each week.

Book a group baking class and see who in your team can make the best bread, cakes, or biscuits.

2. Cocktail masterclass                                    

Recreate classic scenes from movie “Cocktail” and hire a mixologist for a few hours. You can visit your local cocktail bar or look for a mobile cocktail bar service.

A cocktail expert will take your team on a journey of classic cocktails around the world tasting a range of spirits and mixers including gin, rum, and whisky.

Challenge your team members to who can create the best new cocktail and the most interesting name.
3. Virtual Cookery              

If your team is not able to make it to a personal kitchen for a class, why not bring the kitchen and chef to your team?

You can book a virtual cookery class from a range of suppliers around the world, and either sit back and enjoy the show or follow along in your own kitchen to see if you can back the same great flavours. Spanish, Italian or Thai? You decide!
4. Beer tasting session

Beer is no longer seen as a just a simple pint of lager, craft breweries in recent years has seen the quality of beers improve and more people are choosing beer over wine at mealtimes.

Treat your team to class with a beer expert learning more about IPAs, stouts and saisons, and challenge them to match the best beer to go with particular foods.

5. Cookery challenge         

Create a cookery challenge amongst your team and increase the competition in the department.

Perhaps you could have a test to make the best omelette within a set time, each team member could provide a range of ingredients, or make a range of themed biscuits (perhaps based around an occasion such as Halloween or Christmas).

6. Vineyard Tour

A vineyard tour is an ideal way to take the team away from the office to enjoy the countryside.

You’ll be taken on a tour of the grounds viewing the vines as they turn to fruit, perhaps around the winery to gain an understanding of the wine making process, before having a tasting session with a wine expert.

Learn about different styles of wine, and the kinds of grapes involved; and you could have the opportunity to try sabrage – where you open a bottle of sparkling wine with a sword or sabre.

7. Chocolate making & tasting

Chocolate is more than the classic bars from Nestle, Cadbury, or Hershey, so why not treat your team to a session with a trained chocolatier and discover much more about this amazing confectionary delight.

Learn about where cocoa comes from, and how the levels of cocoa can influence the taste of the chocolate. You can even indulge in creating your own chocolate bars by combining your own ingredients.

8. Distillery Tour

The popularity of craft spirits has led to an increase in distilleries opening their doors to the general public or for private tours. Step behind the scenes and discover how gin, rum, whisky, or vodka is created.

Your team will appreciate taking a break from the workplace and being able to pause from answering calls and emails.

You can create great relationships as the team members bond over a few drinks at the end of the tour.

9. Nutrition class

Charles Duhigg (Author of The Power of Habit) once said “Typically, people who exercise start eating better and become more productive at work.”

Support your team in their efforts to eat better and to live a healthier life by booking a nutrition class, where the team can learn great recipes, and cook together.

A nutrition class has the short term benefit of providing a rest from the workplace, combined with the long term benefits of eating a better diet.
10. Ice cream making

This “chilled” group activity is perfect for breaking the ice or melting your team into one unit.

Learn all the steps that go into this classic desert, from the processes and methods to the ingredients that go into it.  

Your team can challenge themselves or work in groups to mix the ingredients and flavour to create the best ice cream. It may be a competition but when it comes to ice cream tasting, everyone is a winner!

Simon Nichols

Head of Partnerships at Evendo

About Simon, he has a background in the London events and hospitality market going back over 20 years. Simon has in an in-depth knowledge of the events market and currently heads up all supplier partnerships at Evendo.

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