A beginner's guide to paintball activities

A beginner's guide to paintball activities

This combat activity has become a firm favourite for team building and bachelor parties, but if you have any questions relating to paintball here's a handy guide

Sep 10, 2021, 3:53:55 PM

What is paintball?

Paintball is basically an exciting game of “hide and seek” where teams compete in a series of scenarios such as “Capture the Flag” whilst firing balls filled with a water-based solution (the “paint”) at each other. Once you are hit you are out of that part of the game.
Where can you play paintball?

Generally, paintball centres are focused on the outskirts of cities or towns where there is enough space to play - many of them are set in wooded areas, abandoned farms, old warehouses, or derelict industrial areas. Often paintball centres will use old military hardware such as warplanes and tanks to create an exciting atmosphere.
Is the paintball equipment provided?

You should expect to be provided with basic paintball equipment such as paintball marker (what fires the paintballs, which you may consider as a “gun”), paintball mask, and paintball hopper (this is wear you load the paintballs. Some venues may also provide overalls, and charge extra for gloves. Some experienced players may wish to bring their own marker but expect to the marker to be checked by the venue staff before they can use it.

What do you wear for paintball?

Some venues will provide you with paintball overalls, so wear light comfortable clothes underneath that you will be able run around in. If overalls are not provided, wear dark clothes so you don’t stand out! Select a pair of sports shoes or boots with good grip to play in that you won’t care about if they get dirty.
How much does paintball cost?

The price will vary depending on the location and type of paintball you select, but you should expect to pay per person for entry and equipment hire, plus additional paintballs and even higher quality paintball markers.
Will food and drink be available?

This will depend on the location, but some venues will have facilities and refreshments.

How old do you have to be to play paintball?

It most venues the minimum age is 10 years old, but this will vary so check before booking. There are also other forms of games such as airsoft and Nerf for younger children.
Does paintball hurt?

This will depend on several factors such as how close you are to your opponent, what you are wearing, and if the paintball “breaks” on impact. Generally, it’s more of a shock or surprise than pain!
Who can play paintball?

Almost anyone can play paintball, and it’s a great activity for team building, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and birthday celebrations. Many games can be booked for individuals, but you can also book exclusive sessions if you want your own game with colleagues or friends.
What are the general safety guidelines in paintball?

Ensure you read the rules on the day at your paintball arena, but here is a brief list of the main guidelines that you should expect:

·         Always wear protective gear and listen to the game rules

·         Stay within the area of pay unless you are required to

·         Do not fire until the game starts

·         Play will be paused for 'paint check' or other reasons defined by the centre. Stop firing immediately.

·         Don’t fire if you or players around you are not wearing proper eye protection

·         Never use other ammunition than the standard paintball ammo

·         Do not drink alcohol before or during the game

·         Avoid shooting other players at close range

·         Avoid head shots - for many centres these won't count anyway

·         When playing paintball, do not leave the play area or shoot outside it - you must remain within the defined boundaries

·         Players are not allowed to enter the safety area carrying their paintball markers

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