How paintball can be used for effective team building

How paintball can be used for effective team building

Paintball has become a classic activity for groups looking to bond, but why is paintball so effective for team building? Our editorial highlight ways that paintball will be so good for your team

Feb 11, 2022, 2:52:45 PM

Paintball provides healthy competition

Paintball contests have many different games such as last person standing or capture the flag, but whatever games you are playing ultimately, it’s about having fun and trying to win. Whoever wins the games has no impact in the future but will be a great deal of fun trying!
To win in business you need to think strategically

When you think of the great world leaders many names spring to mind including Winston Churchill and Napoleon – leaders who were able to think strategically. Paintball is no different to business and working as a unit on a clear strategy will help you find success.
Workplace hierarchy can be broken down

The goal of paintball is to win the combat war, and in the heat of the battle company hierarchy can be broken down, and new groups and individuals come to the fore. The CEO may be the people who leads you into business battles, but in a paintball content, who cares if the receptionist or the sales manager is the person who leads the team.

Paintball is the perfect bonding activity

In every company there are obvious groups of employees who work together, it could be the sales team, the customer services team, or IT. Paintball gives you the perfect opportunity to mix groups up, and allow cross department bonding, providing a great networking event.
Good communication is required to win paintball battles

As paintballs fly through the air, screams of combat fill everyone’s ears, and warriors are falling around you – clear communication is vital to success. Just like in business having good communication skills is one of the hurdles you need to clear if you want to be a success.
Leaders will appear from paintball challenges

In a workplace it can take time for leaders to appear, and often the best leaders may be hidden from view. A paintball contest can be a great way of finding future leaders for the business and seeing who can work best under pressure.
Paintball is good exercise

If you asked your team to run around for a number of hours, you could expect to hear the groans from most people but provide them with a paintball scenario where you run around for a number of hours and you can expect cheers! Paintball is a great form of exercise and a cardio work out without even knowing it!

Battles are won by good teamwork

Steve Jobs once said ““Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people” and paintball helps create a great teamwork ethic; everyone has to work as a unit to win the challenges, the same in business.
Paintball is a great way of beating stress

Modern life can be stressful, and work life can be even more stressful. Getting involved in a paintball content, shooting paintballs, and avoiding being hit by paintballs is a perfect way of beating stress. Ideal for allowing your team to “blow off steam”.
Combat fun is a great break from daily tasks

Whether your team are based together in one office, multiple locations, work remotely, or are part time, a session of paintball is a great way of taking a break from those daily tasks. No one can take calls, read reports, or check emails whilst paintballs are being fired around the paintball arena!

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