How you can ensure all participants are engaged in team building

How you can ensure all participants are engaged in team building

Make sure your team are fully focused on your team building session you are putting together by reading our top 10 ways to keep the team engaged

Mar 2, 2022, 3:00:18 PM

By Simon Nichols

Team building has direct costs associated to the activity, and indirect costs related to time away from the workplace, so you need to ensure all participants are fully engaged so you get value for money out of the team building exercise.

1. Pick the right experience            

Selecting the right team building to match your team is vital to ensuring everyone is totally engaged in the activity.

Speak to key members of the team and get ideas of what could work and create a short list. If people fear heights a zipline may not be ideal, if the team can’t swim forget white water rafting, and if adrenaline is wanted arts and craft workshops won’t be a good choice!

2. Avoid external interuptions                                    

Mobile phones nowadays have so many functions, you can run the office on the move, but this may not be the best for keeping everyone’s attention.

Phone calls, text messages, notifications on WhatsApp, emails, and numerous apps can make the team lose focus.

Consider allocating particular times during the team building where the participants can pick up urgent messages.
3. Ice breakers      

Getting your team in the right spirit is one of the first and biggest hurdles of any team building day, so think about how you will ensure any barriers are broken down early in the session.

There are many ice breaker activities you can do including exercises or dance moves to relax participants and get the blood flowing. You will feel the benefit for the rest of the day if you begin in the right fashion.
4. Mix teams up

Many departments within companies can work independently and automatically create barriers to networking, so don’t allow groups to create closed units during the team building.

By mixing up teams you will force participants to network, work with strangers, and keep them engaged.

5. Involve problem solving              

If you can utilize a problem-solving element of your team building day, you will ensure that all members of the organization are fully engaged.

Problem solving activities such as escape rooms or shelter building will fully engage everyone, as every individual has unique skills that can be used during the activity.

If each team member feels they are helping towards the final goal they will be more willing to be more involved.

6. Provide plenty of refreshments

Treat your team like a good car or a mobile phone, give them plenty of fuel and well charged, but don’t over fill or over charge! Look to provide refreshments through out the day, from coffee and pastries on arrival, regular breaks for water or beverages, lunch, and snacks like fruit in the afternoon.

You can even hire a coffee machine, a food truck, and look to provide a bar or beers for the end of the session.

7. Get Outside

Consider the importance of fresh air to keeping your team fully engaged in the team building activity.

It could be the natural benefits of survival skills in the wilderness, kayaking down a river, a multi sports day, or even a good long walk in the countryside.

With less mobile phone coverage and the benefits of the great outdoors you team will be able to switch off from daily tasks and be more engaged in the activity.

8. Reward and recognition

Other than creating competition during the team building activities, look to how you can also reward and recognize effort on the day.

The team will be more engaged if prizes are on offer, and keener to get involved in all the activities.

Successful teams or individuals could get to start the next day later or tangle the carrot of drinks in the evening for the best competitors.

Perhaps if you are running a scavenger hunt, the winning team gets to have free drinks in the pub whilst the others are still on the hunt!

9. Consider giving something back

A growing trend in team building is for teams or individuals to undertake sessions that are designed to provide support to others in need.

It could be that the team volunteer to assist in a care home, clean up litter in a forest, or provide help to a charity.

Other than providing resources you could also engage your team by offering finance aid to a charity based on winning teams – perhaps each team could play a game on behalf of their chosen charity.
10. Make it fun

Writer Robert Orben once said, “If you can laugh together, you can work together.” So simply make your team building activities lots of fun!

If you have business talks or any work sessions run them early in the day, so the team can get done to the activities as soon as possible.

Also make sure the team don’t feel guilty for turning off their phones so they can focus on the team building session.

Simon Nichols

Head of Partnerships at Evendo

About Simon, he has a background in the London events and hospitality market going back over 20 years. Simon has in an in-depth knowledge of the events market and currently heads up all supplier partnerships at Evendo.

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