What types of events and occasions can you use virtual cookery classes

What types of events and occasions can you use virtual cookery classes

With the rise in popularity of cookery shows on television and more employees working from home the demand for virtual cookery classes has grown, but what kinds of occasions and events are they suitable

Feb 17, 2022, 12:19:54 PM

Effective team building
American author Matthew Woodring Stover once said “If you take out the team in teamwork, it’s just work. Now who wants that?” and a cookery class is the perfect fun experience to build fun into your workplace. Your team will have to work together to ensure all the dishes are served together, with bonds being created during the shared experience.

Connecting with distant friends and family
A virtual cookery class is a perfect way to reconnect with long lost family and friends. In the modern world so many people move from town to town and cross the globe in search of love and work and staying in touch outside of social media is a challenge. You can all on log on together, sharing a few drinks, and learning some gourmet tricks whilst you all catch up on the news, a wonderful way of celebrating birthdays or anniversaries.
Even the best chefs can improve their culinary skills, and the wide range of virtual cookery classes available means that everyone in the group can get involved when you pick the most suitable class. You can look for various cuisines including Indian, Chinese, Italian, or Spanish, or perhaps improve your baking knowledge.

Unique bachelor and bachelorette party idea
If for some reason not everyone can attend your bachelor or bachelorette party, a virtual cookery class is an ideal alternative. It could be friends can’t travel due to travel restrictions, cost of the event, or work commitments so why not have an online party? Perhaps a class learning all about cupcakes, or a chance to improve your BBQ skills? What ever you choose, the fun and drinks can flow during the class, and you can all hang around after for the real party!
Socializing with other departments
The modern workplace is no longer restricted to one building or complex, many companies now work in multiple locations and often across time zones. Keeping all these departments and teams connected is a challenge, and a virtual cookery class is a low cost method of improving socialization in the business and creating a platform for networking.
Employee training
A cookery class is a great way of showing to your team the importance of managing time and prioritization without them knowing! Each dish will have a set of tasks to be completed in order, items will have varying cooking times, and you have to “juggle” numerous tasks at once. A virtual cookery class is a tool in the HR manager’s tool kit to improve the workflow of both individuals and groups.

Reward and incentive
Food, drink, and time off work – what is not to like about a virtual cookery class. You can use a cookery class as a way of incentivizing and rewarding your team for achieving their targets or just a way to boost morale. There are a range of cookery classes to suit your requirements, with some based around demonstrations so the team can just sit back and enjoy the show.
Supporting remote workers
The growth of remote working has provided many benefits for both employees and employers from better life balance to lower costs related to facilities and infrastructure, but has also caused many issues including isolation, longer working hours, and communication. A virtual cookery class can be used to ensure your remote workers feel connected, motivated, and part of the bigger picture.
Entertaining children
Many kids party activities can be very physical such as paintball, bubble football and trampolining, but not every child is suited to those kinds of activities. A virtual cookery class is ideal for children interested in more craft activities, and they will also learn some new skills in the process.

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