Why arts and craft workshops are great for teambuilding

Why arts and craft workshops are great for teambuilding

If you are looking for some creative ways to boost the team work and collaboration within your company, here are some ideas as to why arts and crafts are ideal solutions to the issues surrounding teamwork

Feb 25, 2022, 11:48:30 AM

Helping to build your internal brand                     

You can utilize arts and crafts as part of building or representing your brand, consider activities such as an art class. Employees can create a piece of artwork that best reflects the business and how they see the brand, perhaps using emotions to build a piece of artwork that can be later displayed on the office wall.
Supporting employee mental health                                                   

Arts and crafts are proven to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and loneliness, and generally good for your mental health. Focusing on creating a piece of artwork is great way of moving employees out of the daily work tasks and help them look beyond the horizon. Support your team by booking a creative class such as pottery.
Arts can help create a great company culture                                  

Traditionally there have been many tools to boost employee retention and happiness generally based around pay and conditions, but in the modern workplace companies must be more creative. Not only think about a nice office, regular workplace treats, and flexible working but also look at using crafts to create a positive company culture. A terrarium class is perfect for company culture, as creations can live on employees’ desks as a great reminder.

Art is very inclusive and great for teams

Interestingly some art can be very exclusive and expensive – high end galleries and members only exhibitions highlight this issue, but craft workshops are the opposite. Materials can be very cheap, and you can even use recycling materials. Also, anyone can get involved in creating art, you don’t have to be a Van Gogh to paint, and most people will start on the same level. It doesn’t matter how tall you are, how fast you run or if you can climb wall to participate in a life drawing class.
Art can bring teams and employees together                          

You can use art and crafts workshops to bring your team closer together, developing bonds and relationships. Creative art classes such as paint and party activities can strengthen team cohesiveness and belonging within the business. Your team should be able to develop great memories which can help drive the team during tough challenges in the future.
Artistic team building can boost creativity

Booking a creative workshop will allow individuals to find creative talents within themselves and promote personal growth in the business. Every company has hidden talents, and employees shy from presenting their creative ideas. Perhaps a fragrance designing class will help creative juices to flow through your team, and potentially you can find the leaders within the organisation to drive the business to the next level.
Use art to relieve team stress

It is so easy for employees to be head down focusing on the immediate tasks in front of them and holding stress within. You can use an art class such as the classic Japanese art of origami (which basically means paper folding) to help the team to channel stress in the right way and allow them to see the light. Ideal for keeping individuals engaged as well as supporting mental health.

Crafty departmental collaboration         

In most companies there are barriers and hurdles between departments – it not uncommon and very standard. Arts and crafts workshop are a tool you can use to break down these barriers and even build bridges. Get different departments to work in conjunction to create a huge piece of art, something you can place on the wall of the workplace as a reminder to everyone the importance of teamwork.
Use art to integrate new employees  

Moving jobs or departments can be difficult for the individual and can influence the team. You can use arts and crafts as a form of team building and integrating new employees. Perhaps use a workshop such as tee-shirt designing where the team can pause from their roles for a short period to learn more about the new members and start to create strong relationships.
Keep remote teams engaged and motivated

Working from home or flexible working can be a challenge for employees and employers – ensuring mental health is supported, targets are met, and communication is maintained. There are many fantastic virtual art classes such as virtual graffiti art which can be used for virtual team building, helping to keep remote workers not only engaged but motivated for business success as well.

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