Intimate Vegan Ethiopian Dining Experience
Intimate Vegan Ethiopian Dining Experience
Intimate Vegan Ethiopian Dining Experience
Intimate Vegan Ethiopian Dining Experience
Intimate Vegan Ethiopian Dining Experience

Intimate Vegan Ethiopian Dining Experience

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  • 3 hours

  • 6 - 16 participants

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  • Margate, FL, 33068, United States

I am a master chef specializing in traditional meals from Africa, the Deep South (USA), and the Caribbean. I create extravagant supper club experiences centered around exquisite meals that will awaken the senses of each guest. Each supper club experience is guided by a musical theme that will take my guests across the oceans, bayous, and rivers of exotic lands... Your first bite is the only passport you need!


  • Wine

  • Coffee

  • Tea

  • Water

What you get



    SAMBUSA - Thin flaky dough stuffed w/ lentils & Ethiopian spices.

  • main cold

    Timatim Firfir - Injera, diced tomatoes, onions, and finely chopped hot peppers seasoned w/ berbere, oil, and vinegar.

    Azifa - Green lentil salad, lime juice, horse radish, ginger, mild hot peppers, and spices.

    Salata - Kale salad w/ a simple yet vibrant house dressing

    Key Sir - Fragrant beet potato salad lightly spiced served w/ balsamic vinaigrette

  • main hot

    Misir Wot - Spicy Ethiopian lentil stew with onions & berbere spice

    Shiro - Stewed chickpeas, minced onion, ground ginger, chopped tomatoes, chilli peppers

    Gomen - Sautéed collard greens, garlic, ginger, spice

    Yatakilt Alicha - Cabbage, potato, carrot, seasoned w/ turmeric & spices

  • staple

    Injera - Traditional fermented & unleavened Ethiopian grain (Tef) (akin to a crepe made of sourdough grains) *Gluten free upon request

  • drinks

    Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony - Fresh roasted Ethiopian coffee

    Chai Tea - Ethiopian Black tea served w/ cardamom, clove, and cinnamon

    Tej Honey Wine - Traditional Ethiopian honey wine

    Ambo - Bottled Ethiopian mineral water

    Chlorophyll & Herbs Aqua - Chilled & refreshing spring water infused w/ cooling herbs & chlorophyll

  • dessert

    Shawishi's Signature Cassava Pudding - Dense pastry treat made w/ cassava, currants, & fresh coconut

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    • Margate, FL, 33068, United States

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    available daily from 18:00 to 21:00

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    Experience an immersive supper club experience combining music and authentic vegan dishes from East Africa, West Africa, and the Caribbean West Indies. Guests have the option of eating family style (one large plate shared w/ friends) or individual style. South Florida Vegan Supper Club's Ethiopian cuisine features Shawishi's Belly Full signature dishes! Prepare to have your taste buds tantalized by exotic spices bursting with flavor. Our servers provide traditional Ethiopian table-side hand washing prior to your meal, as Ethiopian cuisine is best savored by hand. Guests will experience: * “Gursha”, the practice of feeding another by placing a bite of food wrapped in an unleavened flat bread called “ injera”- gently into the mouth of another. Gursha is an intimate act of friendship or loving gesture amongst Ethiopians. *Guests will wet their pallets with chilled “Ambo”, the mineral water native to Ethiopia; followed by a sip of Shawishi's Belly Full signature line of “Tej”. Tej is Ethiopian Honey Wine dating back to 950 B.C. when Queen Sheba and King Solomon offered the first recorded toast in history. *Ethiopia is also the birthplace of the coffee bean. Our esteemed guests will experience the traditional coffee ceremony, where green coffee beans are roasted to perfection, ground, slowly percolated and served with a slice of Shawishi’s delectable Cassava Pudding. The South Florida Vegan Supper Club Menu may include the following... Intimate Ethiopian Experience: Appetizer 8 vegan dishes Tej -Ethiopian Honey Wine Buna -Ethiopian Coffee Ambo - Mineral Water Shai Qimem - Ethiopian Spiced Tea Chlorophyll Herbal Aqua - Infused water Dessert Evendo is the world's largest online marketplace for unique culinary experiences with locals. Savor local food and enjoy intimate supper clubs, hands-on cooking classes and bespoke private dining events in beautiful homes and exclusive venues with your loved ones. Wellness Check: We ask all hosts and guests to confirm that they are free of COVID-19 symptoms before attending an Evendo event. We also ask all participants to limit physical interactions including bypassing the customary welcome handshake.

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    5(1 Reviews)
    Mar 21, 2022

    Chef Nikkanni blessed us with the most aphrodisiacal intimate supper club dining experience of our lives. The flavors! The aromas! The music! 100% sensorial bliss. We were transported to another world. (You really don't know . . . until you go.) 💚💛❤️ ~ Delectable Excellence ~ Rich Culture ~ Pure Love 👑 Eat like royalty. 👑

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