Taste of Africa cooking class in Los Angeles
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Taste of Africa cooking class in Los Angeles

Akwaaba to Taste Africa in Style, Afia's Chef Table. Hello everyone! I am Chef Afia Anabasua. I was born in Accra Ghana, my ethnicity is Ghanaian, Burkinabe and Egyptian. I cook dishes throughout the African continent. Culinary Africa our cuisine is all about flavor, exotic aroma and techniques, one might say it is a labour of love. I believe we eat with our nose, eyes and mouth, with this in mind I have selected a few traditional favorites, using herbs and spices to bring a modern twist to our food, by crafted and created unique flavors, taking the exotic African cuisine and elevating it into another level of deliciousness. I hope you are ready! On the map of Africa, we are about to journey into a cultural culinary world! Let me introduce you to a culture and food from my beloved continent of Africa! For more about myself, check my youtube video Taste Africa In Style, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, The Cooking Channel - Food Fact or Fiction Birthday edition and Cuisine Noir Magazine- Chef Afia. Me da si! If you have allergies, you are gluten free, vegan, pescatarian, vegetarian, paleo, keto etc. Please let me know. I will try to make it work for you as well! VACCINATION IS REQUIRED. THANK YOU!

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  • Los Angeles, CA, 90293, United States


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4 - 16 participants

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available daily from 11:30 to 13:30

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Join Chef Afia at her home in Playa Del Ray to learn about the culture and food from the continent of Africa. Expect great conversation, delicious cooking, music, and fun! • Learn how to make and then feast on 4 African dishes that showcase the Chef's favorite fruit, the tomato! • Guests are welcome to BYOB • Located in a beautiful LA neighborhood, Playa Del Rey • Communal cooking class and dining for 4 to 16 people • Chef Afia was born in Accra Ghana and is Ghanaian, Burkinabe, and Egyptian About your host, Chef Afia: "African cuisine is about flavor, exotic aromas, and techniques. I believe we eat with our nose, eyes, and mouth, so I've selected a few traditional favorites using herbs and spices to bring a modern twist to our food, taking exotic African cuisine and elevating it to another level of deliciousness." ** Must show proof of vaccination to attend Evendo is the world's largest online marketplace for unique culinary experiences with locals. Savor local food and enjoy intimate supper clubs, hands-on cooking classes and bespoke private dining events in beautiful homes and exclusive venues with your loved ones. Wellness Check: We ask all hosts and guests to confirm that they are free of COVID-19 symptoms before attending an Evendo event. We also ask all participants to limit physical interactions including bypassing the customary welcome handshake. Host Education: To ensure the safety of our community, we’ve created Health and Safety guidelines and resources for our hosts based on the World Health Organization's recommendations. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of facial covering and gloves when preparing food. Contact our customer service team to learn more about Evendo's Health and Safety guidelines: support@eatwith.com

What you get


  • Afia Salad - Marinated Tomato Salad with Herbs, Jalapeno, Garlic, Onions, Lemon and Limes

    Jollof Rice | Ghana West Africa - Rice cooked in tomato sauce with spices and herbs. Jollof Rice. There is a debate going on between Ghanaians and Nigerians about who cook this spicy rice tomato dish the best. Well, I am not saying I am among them, I am just saying that some Ghanaians are saying, Nigerians started Jollof Rice, and we the Ghanaians perfected it! Hehehe never mind about the Senegalese, Congo or Gambians where Jollof Rice originated. This is a discussion between Ghanaians and Nigerians. No one is invited! Alright, you are invited!

    Shakshouka | Tunisia North Africa - You cannot have brunch and not add this all time favorite popular egg poached in tomato sauce Arabic, Tunisian, Egyptian, Algerian, Moroccan dish to the menu! With me, you will make one of the best egg dishes you have ever had!

    Red Red | Ghana West Africa - Beans Cooked in Red Oil Sauce and marinated plantains. My Favorite Vegan dish of all time!!!!


  • Guests can bring alcohol

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  • Organic

  • Halal

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You can book at any time before the event



out of5


Sep 27, 2021

Outstanding food, company and experience! My husband and I loved every minute of it!


Sep 18, 2021

This was amazing!!! The food was delicious, and the atmosphere was great! Our hostess was charming and interesting and gave us a great view of African food and culture. She was warm and friendly, and the company was excellent. I highly recommend this experience.


Aug 16, 2021

Eveything with Chef Afia was a delight. The three dishes, from Morrocco, Ethiopia, and Egypt were flavorful and authentic, Afia did a great job of explaining the ingredients and special spices, the timing of the dishes was perfect, and it was fun getting to know our fellow diners. 10/10 recommend.

  • From$96 / person

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