Decipher the Recipe
Decipher the Recipe
Decipher the Recipe
Decipher the Recipe
Decipher the Recipe

Virtual Kitchen Challenge

Decipher the Recipe

    Provided byPalate Sensations Culinary School
    • 1 hour

    • 3 - 40 participants

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    • Singapore, Singapore

    Virtual teambuilding brings your team together, even when they are working remotely or are located globally.


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    What you get

    An unknown dish with too many jumbled steps, random ingredients that you have no idea what to do with? Quick!

    As a team of 4, work together to figure out the recipe and make the dishes to gain the most amount of points. 

    Each team member is sent a mixture of several lines of 2 recipes. Some steps are bogus. 2 out of the 4 members are tasked with getting the ingredients of 1 dish each from the supermarket prior to the event.

    They must discuss the correct order of the steps then present it to the facilitator. They will follow these steps to make the dish with the ingredients that have been sent together.

    After 60 minutes, all participants must present their dish and explain its name and what it is.

    Points will be awarded for dish accuracy, meeting stipulated timings and creativity. 
    Team Building Objectives: 
    Improve Communication
    Build Trust and Rapport
    Competitive Spirit
    Managing time and meeting deadlines  

    Participants should have a variety of markers and drawing material at their disposal.
    Zoom video conferencing platform will be used to conduct the event.
    Each participant needs to have access to minimally a device with a microphone

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    Product description

    Its ability to bridge cultures and languages allow us to facilitate a session that is interactive, builds trust and teamwork amongst co-workers that will translate to an effective team in the workspace.

    Utilise food as a vehicle for individuals to share experiences and find similarities forge new bonds between individuals and reinforce existing relationships increase trust and communication encourage cohesive interactions towards a common team goal.

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