The Year of Fun!
The Year of Fun!
The Year of Fun!
The Year of Fun!
The Year of Fun!

Virtual Quiz

The Year of Fun!

    Provided byAlex Ranahan Virtual Events Entertainment
    • 1 hour

    • 5 - 100 participants

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    • Bristol, United Kingdom

    Bringing people together from around the world for virtual fun! Create some magical moments as you connect with other contestants no matter where in the world you are.


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    What you get

    As the year takes us on new adventures, it’s time to party as we mean to go on – optimistic, energetic and ready to rock and roll!

    Join high-octane quizzisist (it’s a thing) Alex Ranahan as he brings you to life with all the amazing things to look forward to this year, from around-the-world traditions to breakthrough technology, even to tournaments that’ll have you on the edge of your seat!

    With new rounds tailored to really celebrate the holiday seasons, you’ll be gobsmacked at how different countries like to party. Who chucks water over girls at Easter? Which country practices voodoo on Halloween?  One country even had to ban bonfires on Valentine’s Day to quell scorned women!

    You’ll need a laptop/tablet and a smartphone to play as we bring the power of interaction back to your fingertips by using your mobile as your answerpad.

    Average Timing is 1 hour quiz with the ability to socialise 15 minutes before and after so you can revel in your success or drown your sorrows'.

    'Requires the Speedquizzing Live app to be downloaded (29 mb), preferably on a smartphone'

    Let’s make this year the year of fun!

    One-time access to the The Year of Fun quiz using the Speedquizzing Live app on your smartphone. Host included!

    Dependant on the time allocated, the rounds are:
    ·         Single / multiple choice answer questions
    ·         Sequence questions
    ·         Film
    ·         Music
    ·         World
    ·         Picture

    Scores will be sent at the end of the game.

    Pictures can also be taken at the end of the game if desired.

    Rooms can be open 15 minutes before and after the event upon request. Host privileges can also be allocated at the end of the event to keep it open for longer.

    Requires the Speedquizzing Live app to be downloaded (29 mb), preferably on a smartphone abd must be activated after 12 people join so there will be a brief moment where the app doesn’t let people in momentarily.

    The code will be sent on the day of the event. This can be before the event and will be sent during the gameplay through the chat function of the desired hosting platform.

    Works best on Zoom but can be played over any hosting platform.


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      Support your team, colleagues, friends or family with a virtual quiz. An ideal online experience for team building or just spending time with friends.

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