Evendo Affiliate Program

Evendo Affiliate Program

Harvest the fruits or your labour Generate traffic - and get paid for each visitor you send to Evendo!

16 Jun 2021, 14:56:07

We buy your traffic!

All of it!

And we pay for each and every visitor!

Partner with the world’s largest events site — and help your audience discover great ideas for their events.

We are ready to buy all the traffic you can send to us. We have no limits. No limitations. No hidden requirements.

If you generate traffic for us, we pay you for each and every visitor.

You decide how. The readers of your newspapers. Viewers of your TV-programmes. Blog-posts. Banners. Online Ads. As long as we can track the visitor, so we know it is from you, your payment is secured.

Events made easy

In an increasingly digital world, it’s the events and experiences we share and remember that truly connects us as individuals.
Hundreds of millions of events are being organized every year, linking people together socially and professionally.


Organizing an event is inefficient! Finding and booking the right experiences and products across a variety of suppliers and making all the loose ends add up is time-consuming and frustrating (for both organizers and suppliers).

Evendo is providing a better, easier and more efficient way to organize events – for everybody involved!

What we are looking for

10.000 monthly visits

An audience consisting of no less than 10,000 visits or app openings each month (if you are not there yet, but expect to be, try getting in touch anyway)


A passion for helping people connect socially and professionally and build memorable experiences together


Dynamic and inspirational content about events and social and professional gatherings


An eagerness to leverage all media channels (especially blogs and social)


We encourage, and support, those thinking “out of the box” and finding new ways of generating traffic


An audience with a high intent to organize events and book related products and services

Start making money immediately


Your users may still be in the research and planning stages — so there’s no need to push for a sale. We base our model on an average of all the traffic you send to Evendo. So, even if some of them (or most of them) do not book, we will still pay you.


We pay more for each visitor, the better your traffic is in general. We are 100% open about how we assess your traffic – and how you can improve – allowing you to optimize it, moving you to a higher payment bracket.


You receive a monthly report with the performance of your traffic. Based on this, and the amount of traffic, your payment is calculated and automatically transferred to your account.


We guarantee to buy all the traffic you send to us – with no upper limit. You will be paid the same per visitor for the first 100 as for number 20,001. So, the more traffic you generate, the higher your earnings.

How do I generate revenue?

When a user comes to Evendo via one of your channels, you are already secured payment. If the user also performs a booking, it will improve your overall score – and return a higher payment for all the users you send to Evendo.


Your existing and future audience – from your site, blog or any other channel you utilize


By you promoting individual products, product categories, occassions – or Evendo in general


Where they will benefit from the biggest bookable inventory anywhere in the industry. You are now guaranteed payment.


When visitors performs bookings, it improves your performance – and increase the price we pay you, for each visitor.

There is no booking required. We will pay you just for the visitors – but, if more of them perform a booking, your average payment per visitor will increase.

Three examples of monthly commissions


Audience #1          2,000          low quality visitors          $525/mo

Audience #2          2,000          medium quality visitors          $1,650/mo

Audience #3          2,000          good quality visitors          $6,000/mo

The amount earned per click depends on factors like the monthly average conversion rate and average order value. Details are transparent and found in our Terms & Conditions.

The value we bring your audience

We empower everybody to do amazing events no matter when or where. By combining the worlds biggest bookable event-inventory with our suite of easy to use planning, booking and execution tools, it has never been easier to give all participants a memorable experience.

You decide where you want to direct traffic from. We cover the world!

How to get started


While we are keen to acquire traffic from you, we also want to help you see nice earnings. As our price model is based on the quality of the traffic you generate, compared with Evendo’s inventory and business, you should compare your audience demographics and consider how good a match they are (or can become)


If you think we are a good match, we would love to hear from you.

Just contact us at affiliate@evendo.com to initiate the process. We will get back to you fast, and do our best to assist you throughout the full process.

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